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Imperialism Credits


Executive ProducerRachel Bernstein
Original Game DesignWilliam Spieth, Ted Spieth
Design TeamRachel Bernstein, Eric Fredricksen, Alexander Peck, William Spieth, Ted Spieth
ProgrammingRachel Bernstein, Eric Fredricksen, Alexander Peck
FCLLEric Fredricksen
ArtMarc Tanenbaum, Vadim Vahrameev
Additional ArtTroy Daniels, Ricardo Tringali, Stephanie Wong
ManualWilliam Spieth, Christine Spieth
EditorChristine Spieth
Newspaper StoriesClark Cox, Alexander Peck, William Spieth, Ted Spieth
DistractionSamuel Bernstein Spieth
TestingTim Bak, Clark Cox, Justin D'Arms, Bruce Sherin
Special Thanks ToKathleen Cassicdy, the Geebers, Kristin Lamboreux, Christine Spieth, SSI
ProducerCarl C. Norman
Assistant ProducerBrandon Chamberlain
Director of R&DJan Lindner
Art DirectorSteve Burke
Audio DirectorRalph Thomas
Audio TechnicianStephen Lam
Multimedia DesignMaurice Jackson, Miki Morris
MusicDanny Pelfrey, Rick Rhodes
Violin AccompanimentJeremy Constant
Test DirectorSean Decker
Test SupervisorJason Ray
Lead TesterKelly Calabro
SSI TestersForrest Elam, Cyrus G. Harris, Luke LaJoie, John Pena, Damon Perdue, David Pope, Jeff Powell, Nile Sabbagh, Sally Werner
Manual EditorsAnathea Lopez, Mark Whisler
Additional News StoriesJeff Groteboer
Data ManagementCaron White
Graphic Design & DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Jerrick McCullough
Special ThanksBret Berry, Joel Billings, Daniel Cermak, Lee Crawford, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., John Robert Ross, Aaron Scheiber

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (201280), Ray Soderlund (3604), formercontrib (159050) and Xoleras (66724)