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Impire Reviews (Windows)

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70 (Feb 18, 2013)
Impire n'est pas révolutionnaire, mais constitue un bon investissement pour les amateurs de jeux de stratégie. Malgré des soucis de gameplay (les choix de design concernant l'utilisation de la souris sont un peu déroutants), l'univers et l'humour omniprésent du soft, qui rappelle évidemment Dungeon Keeper, sauront convaincre les habitués du genre. L'élève n'a pas encore dépassé le maître, mais il s'en rapproche de plus en plus...
Girl Gamers UK (Mar 07, 2013)
Impire is not Dungeon Keeper. But it is a halfway decent squad-based RTS that is actually quite compelling, as long as you can look past the technical issues and repetitive gameplay.
65 (Feb 19, 2013)
Denn in der Praxis kommt das Prinzip immer wieder ins Straucheln. Und das ist in erster Linie dem fehlenden Spannungsbogen zuzuschreiben. Hat man erst einmal ein paar grundsätzliche Truppenzusammenstellungen optimiert, ist es eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis man alle Haupt- und zumindest die meisten der Nebenaufgaben erfüllt hat. Zumal sie sich ohnehin nur wenig unterscheiden. Der große Wurf ist Cyanide Montreal hier nicht gelungen. Wie bei fast allen Spielen der Franzosen finden sich viele gute Ideen, die nur halbgar umgesetzt werden. Als offensiv ausgerichtete Hommage an den großen Bullfrog-Klassiker sorgt Impire trotz viel verschenkten Potenzials für einige unterhaltsame Stunden.
GamingTrend (Feb 28, 2013)
That’s the most surprising thing of all. It’s one thing to make an average game, but Impire was clearly a game modeled after Dungeon Keeper – not only a successful game, but a successful game that is over a decade old. If Impire had simply matched what Dungeon Keeper originally presented to gamers, it would have been a true and great success, even if unoriginal. Instead, the resulting product feels like a title that’s just original enough to add flaws to the formula, resulting in a strictly B-minus game. Pick this one up from Steam if you’re truly desperate for another attempt at playing the role of an evil dungeon overlord. If you’re waiting for a great game in that genre, however, pass this one by.
Game Watcher (Feb 21, 2013)
If you give it a chance beyond the first two levels, enjoy the part of strategy games where you raise armies, and the levelling up aspect of RPGS, you’re likely to enjoy Impire, provided you can look past its shallow attitude to the construction side of dungeon ‘design’. Impire often manages to be good, but it does so despite itself.
Game Over Online (Mar 04, 2013)
The good news is that Cyanide Montreal has been quick to release patches. During the roughly two weeks it took me to complete the 18-mission campaign, Cyanide came out with two patches, and they knocked off some of the more annoying bugs (like the game only saving to the Steam cloud, with nothing stored on your computer’s hard drive). The bad news is that it doesn’t really matter. Even if Impire were to work perfectly, it would still be a dull mess and the least interesting game in its genre. So skip Impire and look for something — anything — better.
Spazio Games (Mar 10, 2013)
Il titolo messo in piedi dai ragazzi di Cyanide Montreal voleva ispirarsi a vecchie glorie per creare qualcosa di nuovo ma dal forte sapore old-school. Il risultato è stato purtroppo raggiunto solo in minima parte, visto che nel tentativo di infilare in Impire troppe idee e feature differenti gli sviluppatori hanno creato un prodotto dal gameplay eccessivamente limitante, riuscendo per assurdo a rendere il gioco ancora più ripetitivo di quanto sarebbe stato con una formula più semplice.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 11, 2013)
Impire transportiert das Gefühl ewiger Verdammnis sehr erfolgreich. Die Kampagne ist umfangreich, aufgrund der verhunzten Steuerung und des Fehlens jeglicher Abwechslung wird aber niemand ernsthaft das Ende sehen wollen. Alles, was an Dungeon Keeper lange fesseln konnte, etwa die Optimierung des eigenen Verlieses, wurde hier leichtfertig über Bord geworfen. Dabei ist Impire nicht schlecht, weil es Dinge anders angeht als der Genreklassiker, nur ist keine neue Idee der Vorlage auch nur eben¬bürtig. Dass der Mehrspielermodus meistens keinen Unterschied zum Einzelspielererlebnis bietet, ist zusätz¬lich verschenktes Potenzial.
50 (Feb 19, 2013)
Tant pis pour Dungeon Keeper, donc, il faudra attendre autre chose. L'expérience Impire ne s'avère pas très excitante en elle même. Le jeu me fait beaucoup penser à Omerta sorti récemment : des idées, une ambiance, mais pas assez de contenu et un challenge mal dosé, ce qui rend le jeu rapidement ennuyeux et répétitif. De plus, pas de mode Skirmish contre l'IA, donc pour le multi, mieux vaut avoir quelques amis sous le coude. A vous de voir, car Impire à est 20 euros dans Steam. En solde, quand Cyanide Montréal aura terminé son multi, ça devrait valoir le coup.
GameFront (Feb 20, 2013)
It’s tough to praise Impire, but it’s also tough to say it’s awful. It does nothing particularly well – in fact, a number of mechanics are an active detriment to the experience, like food – but it also doesn’t do anything particularly poorly. The best way to describe it is tepid. I’ve played some genuinely terrible games in my time, and Impire doesn’t come close to replicating their awfulness. But it also doesn’t rise to the heights promised by its premise and ancestors. It’s strictly mediocre.
50 (Feb 24, 2013)
Tel daar meerdere kinderziektes bij op - een enkele bug wordt zelfs mee opgeslagen, waardoor je savegame niets meer waard is - en het spelen van Impire voelt soms meer als een karwei dan als plezierig tijdverdrijf. Dat het spel wat meer diepgang krijgt en mogelijkheden geeft na uren spelen, maakt dat nog niet goed. Je moet niet hoeven investeren in een spel voordat het leuk wordt. Teveel onderdelen zijn onvoldoende uitgewerkt en vormen daardoor ook samen geen afgerond, goed functionerend geheel. Zonde, want het kan zo fijn zijn om als slechterik te spelen.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 05, 2013)
I wish I had nicer things to say about Impire, but my disappointment with its failure to turn any of its concepts into interesting interactive gameplay is total. As cool as the concept is, gamers interested in building an underground lair and tormenting would-be heroes are still stuck waiting for a worthy successor to 1997's Dungeon Keeper.
3D Juegos (Feb 27, 2013)
Pese a las buenas ideas con las que ha nacido el proyecto, Impire no solo se ha quedado lejísimos de alcanzar las cotas de calidad del genial Dungeon Keeper, sino también de lo esperado en cualquier buen juego de estrategia en tiempo real que se precie en estos momentos. Tiene ciertos detalles que nos han gustado, pero la interfaz de usuario y la falta de genio creativo en el diseño de la aventura son muy importantes.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar 01, 2013)
Impire will Dungeon Keeper beerben, aber vergisst dabei das Erben. Das Szenario wird im Spiel selbst angemessen präsentiert, versagt aber bei der Darstellung der Story. Wenige Animation, keinerlei Minenspiel und gezwungen witzige Dialoge locken schon lange niemanden mehr hinter dem Ofen hervor. Und auch der Rest will nicht überzeugen. Das Einheitenmanagement ist schwerfällig und misst Komfortfunktionen, zum Beispiel eine Warteschlange beim Essen oder Trainieren. Vieles, wie die Teleportfunktion, wirkt aufgesetzt und soll wohl die langsame Laufgeschwindigkeit kaschieren, die Impire sonst unspielbar machen würde.
GameSpot (Mar 07, 2013)
Impire's intentional and playful riffing on Dungeon Keeper could have been spun into a positive thing, especially since there hasn't been a new entry in the series for a long time. It's a good-looking game that has a few thoughtful ideas hidden in its many folds, but the repetitious gameplay is overwhelmed by niggling problems and puzzling design choices that gain traction the further you push. After the first handful of hours, the fun already starts to fizzle.
42 (Mar 01, 2013)
Impire è un titolo che vorrebbe dire molto, ma che non riesce a superare i suoi limiti. All'inizio non è malvagio, ma presto rivela la sua incapacità di proporre qualcosa di nuovo, sia a livello di meccaniche, sia a livello di design delle mappe, tutte troppo simili nel loro essere vuote e poco interessanti. Probabilmente sarebbe bastato un sistema di quest più articolato, oppure un diverso modo di gestire le risorse e le truppe, per migliorare la situazione. Così com'è può essere appetibile soltanto per chi non ce la fa a vivere senza giocare un semi-clone di Dungeon Keeper ogni tanto.
But even if there weren’t, I still wouldn’t recommend Impire. It won’t scratch the Dungeon Keeper itch because it has no ecosystem – it’s an RTS rather than a dungeon-building game. But it also won’t scratch the RTS itch because it’s repetitive, offers little strategic challenge, and is deeply, deeply tedious.
Destructoid (Feb 27, 2013)
There's a fairly original, ambitious title to be found deep within Impire. But it's really, really deep. Far deeper than the dungeons ever go. All the potential was wasted on missions that amount to simple copy-and-paste tactics punctuated by jokes that are an acquired taste, to say the least. It's stitched together with big ideas and interesting concepts, but it never even comes close to being the sum of its parts.
30 (Feb 20, 2013)
Du når omsider eit punkt der du har fått så mange oppgraderingar at ein del av frustrasjonane forsvinn, men det er hakket for seint, og det som er igjen då er stort sett berre å vandre rundt på jakt etter noko å drepe. Det er ikkje så frykteleg moro det heller.
30 (UK) (Mar 08, 2013)
Sadly, Impire cannot offer that enticement. It's a dungeon builder in which you have limited control over how you build things and a real-time strategy game in which the prevailing tactic is sheer force of numbers. It has a handful of good ideas buried under a raft of ill-considered design choices, while its intricacies could be rewarding if its laborious mechanics didn't render them more trouble than they are worth. It's repetitive, disposable and artificially inflated. Most of all it's frustrating: frustrating because of the poor execution of a promising concept and because it's nowhere near the game that it could have been.
GameSpy (Feb 20, 2013)
Holy crap, just remake Dungeon Keeper! Just make it exactly the same way. Don't add more micromanagement or anything. Is that so much to ask? And hey, Paradox, didn't you just promise us some good QA testing? What's with the crashing? Arg. Has anyone played a good Dungeon Keeper clone since Evil Genius?
Games Finder (Jul 15, 2013)
If you take the time to dissect the great parts of this game you’ll find that you can salvage a mediocre dark management RTS experience but with better alternatives out there it isn’t worth the time.
Hooked Gamers (Feb 22, 2013)
At the very least, Impire works. It functions as it is meant to, and I can honestly say that I encountered few bugs during my time with the game. This is also its downside, because even though it functions properly, I did not enjoy the time I spent playing this game. The mission structure is repetitive, the basic gameplay is far from engaging, and I might even have fallen asleep at some point while playing. Impire is monotonous, banal and boring, and I can’t wait to forget about it in the coming weeks.
The Escapist (Feb 27, 2013)
A game you desperately want to like, but never quite manage to, given the heaping portions of frustration you're served at every turn.