Impossible Creatures Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs
    Thousands of units
    Impossible Creatures has more than 50 animals that can be combined to create a vast number of mutant creatures, the results of which are limited only by players' creativity.

    Strategies as boundless as your imagination
    By building these creatures into powerful and effective armies, players can define their strategy and how they want to tackle their opponents.

    Explore rich 3D worlds
    The highly detailed, fully 3-D dynamic world allows players to battle in four richly detailed environments, each with special flora and fauna

    Compelling single-player campaigns
    Players command dozens of creatures, and henchmen in 15 missions across 14 distinct islands.

    Unprecedented replayability
    Impossible Creatures offers boundless creature combinations, armies, and strategies as well as online play and an easy-to-use mission editor that provides limitless play options.

    Unique multiplayer options
    Multiple players can engage in unprecedented, intense gameplay. Fast and ferocious multiplayer games bring a fresh RTS experience by focusing on furious, combat-driven action.

    Contributed by Sciere (510843) on Mar 06, 2004.

Inside Flaps:



    Let the Evolutionary War Begin!
    You are in command of one of the most bizarre, genetically-twisted armies ever to go to battle. CREATE your troops by choosing from over 50 different animals, forming a truly unique fighting force of deadly creatures. LEAD your mutant soldiers into combat and build an arsenal of strategies which utilizes your creatures' abilities and strengths. Then, DESTROY your enemies; as a single player in a 15-mission, 14-island campaign, or as a multiplayer with up to six competitors.

    "The premise is simple and brilliant."
    -Game Revolution

    "Everything graphic is polished to a bright, shiny wow."

    "... well on its way to creating a new era in the RTS genre."
    -Gamer's Pulse

    "... its units and unit creation process separate it from everything else..."
    -Adrenaline Vault

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69379) on Feb 22, 2003.

Back of Box:


    Use the wonders of genetic mutation to combine animals and create unstoppable battle units. Need a scout? A bat's radar is excellent, especially when combined with a spitting cobra's deadly ranged attack. How about an elephant and a shark for the ultimate amphibious tank? With 1000's of cominations every battle is a new experience.

    A Whole New Breed of Battle

    Create Your Own Map and Missions

    2-6 players can battle on over 20 multiplayer maps with each game offering a different strategy and experience!

    15 missions across 14 amazing islands filled with unsought peril!

    Combine more than 50 creatures to create over 40,000 custom army units!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69379) on Feb 22, 2003.