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Atari 50

Incoming: The Final Conflict Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
One of the turret gunning sequences
One less UFO makes the world safer for democracy and The American Way
Those enemy tanks sure do blow up nicely
Allowing secure taking off by protecting your heavy planes with AA-flak-tank.
With Harrier type of plane you must protect the cargo planes, and Harrier is not among easy to navigate crafts in this game.
Commands are quick and brief. There's not much of strategy level in this game.
The helicopter has most deadly and auto-targeting weapon with no possibility to miss a foe.
Sometimes, the best way to dodge enemy fire is a quick fly through the canyons, hoping you won't crash.
In some planes you'll have to aim manually and hope you'll lite the tail of an enemy.
Even the waters of Atlantic are pretty much hostile.
Downing air targets with a mounted gun on one of your destroyers.