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The Incredible Machine 2 Credits

49 people


ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
DesignersKevin Ryan, Jeffrey Tunnell, Richard Rayl, Brian Hahn, Steven D. Letsom, Richard Tunnell
Software EngineersRichard Rayl, Steven D. Letsom, Kevin Ryan
Art DirectorBrian Hahn
ArtistsDennis Clevenger, Brian Thompson, Kyle Miller, Robert Kraft, Peter Lewis, Chris Hammond, Jason Baker, Richard Tunnell, Scott Rudi
Music and Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens, Jan Paul Moorhead, Timothy Steven Clarke, Ken Rogers, Randy Dersham
Voice TalentBill Barrett
Puzzle DirectorRichard Tunnell
Puzzle MakersScott Rudi, Michael Waite, Kevin Ryan, James Domico, Geoffrey Keighley, Aaron Tunnell, Jonathan Tunnell
QA ManagerDavid Steele
QA CoordinatorJames Domico
Lead TesterDaniel Hinds
TestersAaron Anderson, Mark Beardsley, Eli Hayworth, Richard Tunnell, Scott Rudi, Barbara Beyer, Christopher K. Singleton
Manual Layout & DesignShawn Bird
Manual WriterMichael Waite
Manual ArtworkBrian Hahn, Peter Lewis, Kyle Miller
PhotographerDale Tendick

Windows Credits

ProducerKen Embery
Designer/ProgrammerKevin Ryan
Macintosh ProgrammerJon Milnes
Art DirectorBrian Hahn
ProgrammerRichard Rayl

Online Manual

Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
EditorKurt Weber
ProgrammerMarta Kallstrom
DesignersCameron Mitchell, Sue Roberts
Design InternBrian Hunter
Copy EditorDaria Penta

Other Credits

Audio DirectorJan Paul Moorhead
Original Music CompositionLoudMouth Productions, Jan Paul Moorhead
Sound EffectsKen Rogers
Macintosh Music DriverSteve Hales
Lead Quality EngineerAllen Tillford
German TranslationsKai Brinkmann
French TranslationsMireille Wheeldon
Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
---A Jeff Tunnell Production

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (30208)

antstream tournament