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Incubation: Time is Running Out Credits


Game DesignAndreas Nitsche
Lead ProgrammingAndreas Nitsche
Network ProgrammingLars Hammer, Andreas Nitsche
Installation ProgramMichael Zeilfelder
Level / Scenario DesignAndré Quass
Additional Level / Scenario DesignAndreas Nitsche
Libraries / Utilities / ToolsAndreas Nitsche, Marcus Pukropski, Rainer Reber
Game Graphics & AnimationsUwe Meier
Additional Game Graphics and AnimationsSandro Falcone, Martin Fiedler, Marko Giertolla
Cutscene DirectorsWolfgang Walk, Thorsten Wallner
Graphics & Animations (Cutscenes)Martin Fiedler, Thorsten Kneisel (as Thorsten Knop), Oliver Rüsing, Christian Siecora, Thorsten Wallner
MusicHaiko Ruttmann
SoundFXHaiko Ruttmann
Sound MasteringHaiko Ruttmann
Intro Music produced and performed by: THREESTYLE feat.Sören Jordan, Marcel Millot, Thomas Saur, UMBO
'Incubation Rap' texted byJonathan Failla
'Incubation Rap' performed byJonathan Failla
Voice DirectorMark L. Barrett
Best BoyMatt Tinsman
Documentation / LocalizationDaniel C. Schmidt
EditorMark L. Barrett
Documentation - With special thanks toPaul Bartu, Suzan Simmons
ManualWolfgang Walk
Manual DesignNicole Zacher, Antje Davids
Public Relations ManagerMichael Domke
Marketing ManagerAndreas Eugen Kähmer
Marketing TextsManfred Kallweit
Logo DesignMichael Dreher, Andreas Eugen Kähmer
Box DesignAndreas Eugen Kähmer
ArtworkJan Meininghaus
Sales & Business Development ManagerKim Shon
Retailer SupportHelge Borgarts
ProducerThomas Hertzler
Writing / Dialogue / StoryWolfgang Walk
StoryboardTorsten Hess
PlaytestingOliver Blanck, Kris Bremner, Matthew Broughton, Martin Fiedler, Marko Giertolla, Thomas Häuser, Christian Hietzschold, Thorsten Kneisel, Jörg Lewandowski, John Podlasek, Erik Simon, Andreas Timm, Michael Zeilfelder, Thomas Friedmann, Stefan Maton
Acting / VoiceoversMike Bacarella, Belinda Bremner, Cathy Chouinard-Hassmonec, Cherryl Confara, David Hartley-Margolin, Marty Higginbotham, Mark L. Barrett, Sean Morrison, John Podlasek
English Voices recorded atHarry's Sonic Bistro; Chicago - IL
Recording EngineerSean Morrison
Voice Recorded atBlue Byte Studio
German CastHans Heinrich (as Bratt), Patrick Joswig (as Kelly), Ulla Jürgensen (as Rutherford), Marty Sander (as Caro), Klaus Eckert (as Lark Urelis), Volker Andreas Thieme (as IO)
Head of DevelopmentThomas Häuser
Project LeadAndreas Nitsche, Wolfgang Walk
Project ManagementDavid Howe, John Podlasek, Wolfgang Walk
Charisma 3D Animation SystemJurie Horneman, Stefan Maton, Marcus Pukropski
Extreme Vision EngineChristian Jungen, Marcus Pukropski
Special Thanks ToDavid Bayliss, Lutz Beyer, Christelle Calande, Ute Eppinger, Steffen Fiedler, Samantha Hertzler, Simone Kirchner, Carlo di Leo, Maik Lücking, Markus Meier, Melanie Meier, Victoria Meier, Michael O'Connell, Karen Podlasek, Beth Rodgers, Julie Simpson, Steve Vai, Ramin Sadre, Hardy Gude, Q‑Family, Kap.Hansa+Crew, Kirstin Otto, the Tequilas from Hamburg, the boys 'n gals from the 1st floor
Special greetings to Fighter Pilots USAVino, Scoop, Pappy

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Credits for this game were contributed by faceless (445), Zeikman (3496), formercontrib (159304), Kic'N (4348) and Xoleras (66744)