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Advertising Blurbs

Fox website:
    Race to save the world from an armada of aliens, set to wipe out civilization city by city. Make your way through fully-rendered 3-D environments in this flight and flight quest, to destroy the aliens' mothership by planting a virus in its computer system.

    Build an armed fleet of mankind's greatest fighter jets -- F-18's, Eurofighters, Russian MIGs and more. One by one, blast each of the giant spacecrafts poised to obliterate New York, Tokyo, Moscow and other world centers. The onslaught intensifies as cities begin to fry and the fate of the Earth falls into your hands.

    Inspired by the feature film, Independence Day the Game has invaded Earth on Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows® 95 CD-ROM.

    Contributed by jean-louis (35295) on Nov 26, 2015.

Italian distributor's website (PC version):
    SOLO TU PUOI SALVARE LA TERRA. I diabolici alieni di Independence Day sono tornati. Questa volta, però, invece di stare a guardare, hai l'opportunità di saltare su un caccia da combattimento per andare a difendere il tuo pianeta! Ispirato al film omonimo, il gioco Independence Day della Fox Interactive combina la precisione dei simulatori di volo con il coinvolgimento e l'intensità di un gioco d'azione. Il punto di partenza è quello del film: una flotta di astronavi aliene minaccia di invadere la Terra, attaccando una città dopo l'altra, da New York fino a Mosca e Tokio. L'obiettivo finale del gioco è quello di distruggere la gigantesca astronave ammiraglia nemica che staziona nello spazio, diffondendo un virus nel suo computer, che annulli gli scudi difensivi, e posizionando un ordigno nucleare al suo interno. Prima però dovrai combattere, in cielo e in terra, contro ondate di "Distruttori delle Città", le temibili navi extraterrestri che sono scese sul pianeta per annientare i centri urbani più importanti. Prova il brivido di pilotare aerei come gli F-14, i MiG-31 o l'ancora top secret Aurora, volando e combattendo in ambienti resi alla perfezione. La grafica 3D ti offrirà una visione realistica di oltre 16 città e basi sparse per tutto il pianeta. L'interfaccia, fornita di un display con radar, misuratore di velocità, punteggi e conteggio dei missili, ti darà tutte le informazioni necessarie per completare ogni livello.

    Contributed by jean-louis (35295) on Jan 03, 2015.

    No Warning - No Negotiation - No Earth

    What if the end of the world as we know it was now?

    As the Alien force starts its final attack on Earth in this summer's box-office blockbuster, INDEPENDENCE DAY, fans will be able to experience the magic of the movie-making process at home with the INSIDE INDEPENDENCE DAY:CD-ROM. INSIDE INDEPENDENCE DAY offers an in-depth look into the advanced technology and brilliant special effects that went into the making of INDEPENDENCE DAY, from conceptual art and storyboards to final editing.

    Developed in conjunction with Dean Devlin, producer of Independence Day, and the entire ID4 crew, INSIDE INDEPENDENCE DAY takes movie fans right onto the set to see hundreds of exclusive photos and storyboards, as well as video interviews with behind-the-scenes stories told for the first time. INSIDE INDEPENDENCE DAY also offers explosive film clips, 500 production stills, over 150 pieces of original artwork and more than 630 electronic storyboard illustrations.

    INSIDE INDEPENDENCE DAY from Fox Interactive for Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM at a suggested price of $19.98 is now available at a retailer near you.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76482) on Aug 03, 2008.

Privat Computer PC Magazine (May, 1997):

    Først kom Alien Trilogy, så var det Die hard Trilogy, og nu spillet

    Fly i over 10 af de sejeste jagerfly. Bl.a. i F-18 og SU-27 jagerne og selv i Alien Attackers.

    Kæmp dig gennem snesevis af missioner fra New York til Paris og selv til Area 51.

    Multi-player funktionen give dig mulighed for "head-to-head" luftdueller.

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2329) on Feb 06, 2007.

Advertisement in PC Games, June 1997 (German):


    Fliegen Sie zehn der heißesten Jäger inklusive der F-18 und SU-27 - oder versuchen Sie Ihr Glück in den Maschinen der Aliens.

    Kämpfen Sie sich durch über ein Dutzend Missionen, die von New York über Paris zur Area 51 führen ...

    Mehrspieler-Modus ermöglicht packende Kopf-an-Kopf-Kämpfe.

    Windows® 95

    Heben Sie ab und heizen Sie den Aliens ein!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66741) on Sep 29, 2004.

Press Release:


    DAY & DATE PlayStation, Saturn & Windows 95 CD-ROM

    Up to $40 in Consumer Savings

    LOS ANGELES -- Feb. 18, 1997 -- Inspired by the #1 film and video of 1996 and destined to chart new territories for film-inspired interactive games, INDEPENDENCE DAY: THE GAME (ID4) will simultaneously invade retail outlets across North America for PlayStation, Saturn and Windows 95 CD-ROM on March 11 from Fox Interactive. Heralding this arrival will be one of the industry's largest and most comprehensive marketing campaigns ever for a single title, which includes multiple partners, consumer savings of up to $40 and a dedicated, multi-million dollar media campaign. Suggested retail price for PlayStation and Sega is $54.98, Windows 95 CD-ROM is $49.98. All marketing and sales for Fox Interactive products is handled by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

    Hot off its phenomenal success with the multi-platform DieHard Trilogy game, Fox Interactive delivers a gaming experience for everyone. Rated K-A for all ages, ID4 is an arcade-style flying adventure that brings home all the fast-paced action and emotion of the blockbuster film, which puts the player in the ultimate race to save the world from an armada of Aliens set to wipe out civilization. Given the widespread appeal of ID4, this unprecedented slate of marketing muscle, which will deliver more than 350 million target audience impressions, will extend beyond the hardcore *gamers* and well into the mainstream audience, similar to the theatrical and video marketing campaigns.

    "We've got a terrific immersive gaming experience based on the kind of incredible property that game developers dream about and retailers are clamoring for," noted Jon Richmond, President of Fox Interactive. "Accordingly, we've built one of the most comprehensive marketing campaigns -- with six partners and millions of dollars -- that this industry has ever seen for a single game release. Together, we intend to be a major force in the marketplace with ID4."

    To excite consumers to get ready to "kick some alien butt," outlined below are some specifics of the monstrous campaign that has been built for the ID4 launch. In addition to the activities listed below, both Sega and Sony are mounting programs in support of their individual platforms including special trailers at in-store PlayStation kiosks and sampler discs bundled with Saturn units.


    Trailers: In a perfect blend of synergy and target-audience marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment placed a compelling, 20-second feature film-style trailer for the ID4 game at the beginning of the INDEPENDENCE DAY home video, the best-selling video of 1996, which has shipped nearly 22 million copies to date. The trailer can also be seen on the recent sell-through video release of BROKEN ARROW, which recently shipped more than 1 million copies and the Widescreen Series edition of INDEPENDENCE DAY in March.

    Dedicated Advertising: With a multi-million dollar budget, beginning in February, full-color print ads will run in national video trade and consumer gaming enthusiast publications including EGM, PC GAMER and GAMEPRO; national cable and top local market spot TV ads will begin in March on MTV, FOX SPORTS NET, among many other outlets; on the Internet, banner ads and contests will promote ID4 on popular video game sites such as GAMESPOT and HAPPY PUPPY.

    Up to $40 in savings: Consumers who purchase any version of ID4 will find a 10-page coupon booklet packed inside -- with offers of up to $40 in consumer saving and other special offers. Included in the $40 savings are the following partners and promotions:

    Orbitz Beverage: Clearly Canadian's new Orbitz Beverage will offer a $10 mail-in rebate with the purchase of the ID4 game and ten bottles of Orbitz (at 60,000 U.S. retail outlets from March 11 through May 15). More than 4 million custom-designed ID4 bottleneck tags and 2.4 million ID4 Orbitz bottle caps will provide details on the mail-in rebate. Orbitz will also support the promotion with in-store signage including static clings, cooler decals and mini-posters. Cross promotions will also run online through the and websites.

    Samsung: Consumers can receive a $25 mail-in rebate from Samsung with the purchase of ID4 and the new GXTV (est. SRP $299), a color television/monitor designed especially for video games. Gamers everywhere will be able to preview ID4 on special interactive GXTV kiosks, on display at more than 70 Electronics Boutiques and over 200 FunCo¢s from late February through March. Coupons for ID4 "Premium Packs" will also be inserted in GXTV boxes, offering limited-edition ID4 T-shirts, hats and Strategy Guides.

    Twentieth Century Fox Pay Television: Fox has also joined forces with sister company TCF Pay TV and more than 2,500 local cable operators and satellite systems for a special offer in conjunction with the March 1 Pay-Per-View premiere of the INDEPENDENCE DAY film. Cable subscribers who order the film on pay-per-view and purchase the ID4 video game are eligible for a $10 mail-in rebate and can receive three collectors' series INDEPENDENCE DAY posters. Local and regional media support includes direct mail pieces, cross-channel cable spots, cable guide ads and radio spots and promotions that should reach 35 million households in key cable markets beginning in early February.

    Planet Hollywood: As part of the Pay-Per-View Promotion, an in-store sweepstakes with 27 Planet Hollywood locations will run in March and April, including premium item giveaways and Sega Saturn interactive kiosks featuring the game. This promotion will be supported with radio advertising and promotions as well as custom table tent cards in all Planet Hollywood restaurants.

    Strategy Guide and Game Discounts: To make the invasion complete, cross-sell for the upcoming ID4 Strategy Guide from Metropolis Publishing and a coupon for $5 off Fox Interactive's three-in-one smash DIE HARD TRILOGY game will also be included with each game.

    On-Line Campaigns: Visitors to will soon be able to download screen shots, audio files and full-motion video from the game. Exclusive contests will offer gamers the chance to win copies of the game, ID4 T-shirts, caps and more. Special previews and sneak peaks will also take place at the site. In addition, all Club Fox members with registered email addresses will also receive a special email postcard containing information about the ID4 game and the rebates and promotions.

    Fox Interactive, an operating unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a News Corporation Company, is committed to developing bold and engaging interactive entertainment. Drawing from the hottest properties that Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Television and other News Corporation companies have to offer, Fox Interactive creates truly interactive products that capture the excitement of proven entertainment. All marketing, sales and distribution of Fox Interactive products are handled by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

    Check out Fox Interactive at

    Contributed by skl (1141) on Mar 10, 2004.