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Independence Day Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Footage from the movie that shows the jet squadron's approach to the big ship
First level mission briefing
Canyon action
Canyon action
Your first objective is to take out the 4 generators
Also, destroy alien fighters as highlighted on the radar
One of the powerups freezes the aliens for 15 seconds
If you don't complete your objective in time, the alien ship fires its main weapon
Succeeding in destroying the main cannon after taking out the shield generators
After destroying the ship, you are treated to a long pan of the ship (with improperly clipped canyon polygons)
An overhead shot of your jet after your first victory
Objectives for the second stage -- Washington
Flying near the Washington Monument
More Washington action
High score initial entry
As you collect new planes, you can pick one before the mission starts.
Tokyo mission.
Find icons like this in the worlds to unlock new planes.
Enemies use "tumbler" missiles that spin you out of control.
Destroying troop transports in Hawaii.
These floating gates lead to bonus worlds.
Antarctica bonus world. You have to destroy the floating generator.
Weaving between some ice floes.
The shield powerup makes you temporarily invincible.
Targeting the destroyer tip.
Another one down!
Mission in Las Vegas
Find the special enemy craft and shoot them down.
Area 51 mission. Stop the destroyer before it destroys your HQ.
Final mission. Take a captured alien fighter up to the mothership.