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Independence War: The Starship Simulator Credits

50 people


DesignMatt Clark, Michael Powell, Michael Todd, Andrew Turner, Glyn Williams
Lead ProgrammingMichael Powell
ProgrammingRichard Aidley
AI ProgrammingRichard Aidley
MusicKevin Saville
SoundKevin Saville
Art DirectorGlyn Williams
ProducerDavid Hawkins
Project ManagerMichael Powell
Technical DirectorMichael Powell
Acting / VoiceoversBilly J. Mitchell, David Jarvis, Corey Johnson, Alletta Lawson, Aaron Shwartz, Annie Tomkinson Jarvis, Stanley Townsend
Briefing AnimationStefan Trofan
Integration & Game TestMartyn Bramall
Project PresentationJacqui Lyons & Marjacq
Voice RecordingM&S Music Tunstudio GmbH
German VoicesHelmut Winkelmann (as King), Michael Lucke (as Clay), Johannes Steck (as Player), Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock (as Brett), Michael Deckner (as McDuff), Vitescha Benda (as Gudenov), Sonngard Dressler (as Haas), Renier Baaken (as Byrne), Martin Schäfer (as DuBois), Armin Nufer (as Mishima), Helge Heynold
Infogrames Publishing & Graphic DesignEmmanuelle Tahmazian, Sylvie Combet, Patrick Chouzenoux, Olivier Lachard
Infogrames MarketingMonique Crusot, François Lourdin, Franck Giroudon

Infogrames U.S. Marketing

Product ManagerJames Belcher
Marketing ManagerDavid Riley

Infogrames QA (Lyon, France)

QA LeaderOlivier Robin
CoordinationPhilippe Louvet
TestersOlivier Jamin, Christian Ampère, Pascal Laffond, Gerard Bareille, Philippe Lacharpagne

Infogrames U.K. QA (Manchester, England)

Team LeaderPaul Johnson
Hardware TestingSimon Crawford
TestersLee Fallon, Andrew Shaw

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Credits for this game were contributed by faceless (446), Xoleras (66655) and formercontrib (158858)