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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Options screen (GOG version)
Indy keeps on falling and falling (GOG version)
In library at Barnett College.
Furnace room.
Indy's office.
An artifact.
Guess Mr. Smith was not really Mr. Smith (GOG version)
Indiana Jones and Sophia
Going to New York City
At New York City.
Getting backstage past Biff the doorman (GOG version)
On a stage.
Sophia's presentation of Atlantis (GOG version)
In Sophia's room
Sophia displaying the power of the orichalcum (GOG version)
Somewhere in Iceland.
At dig site in Iceland.
Arriving at Azores.
Talking to Costa in the Azores... Sophia taking over (GOG version)
Somewhere in Tikal.
Crossing the ravine (GOG version)
Meeting Sternhart in Tikal (GOG version)
Inside a temple.
Secret Nazi laboratory.
At Barnett College
Searching for Plato's Lost Dialogue (GOG version)
Plato's book.
Loading screen (GOG version)
Key decision in the game where you select how you wish to set off on an adventure to find Atlantis (GOG version)
At Monte Carlo.
Tricking Sophia into becoming a target practice (GOG version)
Scheming how to steal the Worldstone (GOG version)
Indy's impersonating Nur-Ab-Sal to scare Mr. Trottier (GOG version)
Dealing with Omar Al-Jabbar (GOG version)
Stealing a balloon (GOG version)
Asking nomads for directions (GOG version)
Traversing the desert (GOG version)
It's too dark to see in here, you gotta let your eyes get used to the darkness (GOG version)
Borrowing some gasoline from the truck's reservoir (GOG version)
Rescuing Sophia and uncovering new clues (GOG version)
Flying to Crete (GOG version)
Arriving at the island of Crete (GOG version)
Exploring the ruins (GOG version)
Triangulating the position of a Moonstone (GOG version)
Using a Worldstone and a Moonstone to open the entrance to the cavern (GOG version)
Rescuing Sophia on a nazi U-boat (GOG version)
Navigating a sub, looking for entrance to Atlantis (GOG version)
Fighting one of the nazi soldiers in the outer circle of Atlantis (GOG version)
Give me some sugar, baby (GOG version)