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Infernal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Infernal's main menu
Village of Weissdorf.
An ambush in a restaurant.
The game includes some nice light and shadow effects
Cutscenes use the game engine
Collecting souls gives you ammunition and health
The game includes various weapons and serious firepower
Infernal attacks deal even more damage and can be used with every weapon
With infernal vision you may spot secret health and mana sources...
... and angelic traps.
Depending on the location you are fighting at, Ryan's outfit changes as well
Sometimes enemies do not notice you until it is too late (if you are sneaky enough, of course)
Turrets are often a welcome alternative to your guns
Another infernal power allows you to teleport objects and enemy soldiers (dead or alive)
Stealth kill
Main cloister area
You regenerate mana by killing people.
During the game you will use computers to open doors.
When sticked to a wall you can perform cover fire.
Cable railway station
Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho...
Infernal Vision - in this view you can find additional mana/health sources and secret codes.
High-tech torture chamber
The second boss is dead.
The teleportation device allows you to teleport things, even heavy ones.
Performing a cover fire from behind a corner.
Ryan can use heavy machine guns to kill the enemy.
Devil's power or not, "hero" must climb on ladder.
Snow. Hand with fire is so warm....
That's hurt, but it's small problem.
First boss. He can repair lights.
Silent attack? No.
Taste like chicken. Special power from inferno.