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The Infinite Ocean Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen / start menu
A promising introduction!
Starting location
This computer is not all there
The story is advanced through the perusal of these corrupted logs
A cheerful motivational push from the environment
Maybe there's some useful information on one of those notes on the floor?
I want to access that panel...
You think you're so smart, you tell me what precisely I'm doing with my mouse cursor, then.
It's beautiful out there... all the same, I think it's safer for me to stay in here.
Two minutes to midnight! The tension is foreboding. (Two minutes to noon would be admittedly less foreboding.)
Hacking into the system
Harvesting parts from the damaged grille
You don't understand what it does to an adventurer to be confronted with a sign like that. It's like putting a "do not steal" warning on a treasure chest full of gold!
Catching up with the private diaries of a controversial AI
Those credos, if adopted, surely wouldn't make for a very entertaining game!
This room looks ripe with potential, albeit horrifically destructive potential.