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Inquisition Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Press Release (July 2002):

    Strategy First announces Inquisition
    One of the PC publisher's first PS2 games will be set in the 14th century.

    Strategy First has announced that it will be working with developer Wanadoo to produce Inquisition for the PC and the PS2. Players will take on the role of Matthew, a thief who gets thrown into prison for a botched burglary attempt. Matthew eventually meets an elder Templar Knight named Jack, who gives him a seal that could possibly lead to the treasure of the Templar Knights. Inquisition will be a full-3D action adventure game in which players will have to use Matthew's thief abilities to get past guards, pick locks, and leap from roof to roof. The game will feature seven levels, all of which have been modeled to replicate 14th-century architecture.

    Inquisition is currently scheduled for release at the end of 2003.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76455) on May 12, 2006.

Back Cover - Windows (UK):
    1348. Matthew, a young thief in the kingdom of France, has come to Paris to seek his fortune. Following a bungled robbery, he finds himself imprisoned in Le Chatelet, where he meets Jacques, a former Knight Templar who has suffered appallingly at the hands of the Inquisition sadists. Before dying, Jacques reveals to Matthew what promises to be the first step towards finding the treasure of the Templars...

    Sink into this dark historical period and help Matthew to overcome obstacles he will encounter during his quest. But look out! savage inquisitors, bloodthirsty torturers and esoteric brothers will hound you on the roads of a kingdom struck down by the worst plague of all time...
    • A twisting scenario will turn your quest for a treasure into a terrifying struggle for life.

    • A diversified gameplay combining stealth and fighting in a dark environment

    • Complete immersion in the medieval world: Inquisition, Plague, Torture...

    • Detailed environments: Loads of objects to collect and enemies to meet.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76455) on May 12, 2006.

Strategy First 2002 Product Catalog:
    Inquisition is a medieval action-adventure that whisks you through 14th century Europe as Matthew, a young thief who is seeking fortune but ends up in jail. A fellow inmate gives Matthew a seal that is the first step towards a Treasure and now you have to escape from prison, fight your way through plague-infested Europe and find the Treasure...without being caught by the Inquisition torturers who are hot on your trail.

    Contributed by Riamus (8519) on Sep 27, 2003.