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Inquisition Credits (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Inquisition Credits

Ediotrial and Production

General DirectorVincent Berlioz
Wanadoo ‑ Editorial manaderÉdouard Lussan
Wanadoo - Head of developmentDavid Hartley
ProducerJérôme Antona
ScoutClément Merville
Editorial assistantCéline Païva

Quality Assurance

Head of QADenis Bourdain
QA deputy managerJacques Chatenet
Lead testerVincent Dondaine
Main testerMathias Donoso
TestersArnaud Montaudouin, Guillaume Brisbois, Tristan Madinga-Yanga, Boubakar Guaye


Localisation ManagerFanny Jacob
LocalisationAlexandre Lepoureau, Frédéric Champion


Marketing managerFrédéric Dumas
Product managerAline Gugliermina
MarketingFlorence Baccard, Thomas Otton, Franck Lalane, Caroline Maillois, Manuela Roch, Jon Balley, Gonzalo Gil Casares, Krister Malm, Markus Malti, Paolo Gelain, Sébastien Bru


Head of communicationInès Pauly
communicationTiphaine Locqueneux-Bianchi, Cécile Soulier, Stéphanie Bolla

International sales

Head of SalesOlivier Pierre
International SalesMarie-Josée Limacher, Alexis Gresoviac, Chizuko Mori, Christelle Chandavoine, Arnaud Doudard, Corinne Lebon, Jacqui Ralston, Irène Toporkoff-Mayer, Marie-Christine Vaz

French sales

French SalesOlivier Bonnafoux, Loic Mastengue, Ghislaine Flerchinger, Cédric Leroy, Boris Christophe, Walter Finck, Stéphane Marlot, Philippe Pierquin, Marie Queiroz, Dominique Sorin, Carol Thévenin

Sales administration

Sales administrationCaroline de Villoutreys, Fatiha Baha, Ilse Richard


ManufacturingRené Tov

Development Team

AuthorJacques Simian
Lead DesignerVincent Hamache
Game DesignersCyril Ezcurdia, Ayrald Anneron
Lead programmerHubert Sarret
ProgrammersMichel Salvado, Sébastien Gervais
Additionnal programmingJérôme Larrieu
Lead ArtistFrédéric Chappart
ArtistsHervé Pierre Vazeilles, Sidonie Weber, Sébastien Theilot, Philippe Aballea, Stéphane Elbaz
AnimationMirco Tomadini, Stéphane Hamache, Régis Carlier, Frédéric Locca
Language ConsultantGérard Milhe Poutingon
MusicLaurent Parisi
SoundGery Montet, Lambert Combes, Tom Gres
Project managerJérôme Cukier

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Credits for this game were contributed by jerome cukier (47)