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Inquisition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Intro video with the inquisition.
Our hero starts his adventure after he's been imprisoned.
Avoid the guard's range of view.
Hiding behind a stack of weapons.
Sneaking up on a sitting enemy. This game would benefit from an assassinate/knock-out feature.
Avoid those puddles on the ground or you'll wake the sleeping guards.
This room is filled with atrocities. It's also where your quest really starts.
The monks will call for guards if they see you.
This sick guard is slowly killing that man.
Inventory screen.
Some rooms are totally dark and often full of pits.
The lantern comes in handy. Another feature of the lantern is the ability to light unlit torches mounted on walls.
Outside of the prison.
This soldier is not aware of you sneaking up on his patrol.
They have no qualms about teaming up on you.
A rainy night in Paris.
Lock-picking involves pressing the right direction for each lock displayed.
The enemy has cornered me.
Not only do you have to look out for guard but will also need to be looking out for thieving thugs.
Escaping the thieve's prison via the kitchen.
You will slowly build up an arsenal of weapons.
Escaping Paris.
Catacombs underneath the monastery .
This guy is pretty much the only help you ever get.
If it wasn't for the lantern I think I would've been lost forever down here or would have fallen down a pit.
Great Oak square.
An alchemist's house is on fire! Quick, help him.
A dog feeding on the plague dead.
Taking aim with the crossbow outside the convent.
Sneaking around tombs in the convent.
Now why on Earth am I in a laundry room?
To become He-Nun.
The plague has devastated Paris.
These barricades can be smashed down but only with the axe.
The banker has died at home and has since provided sustenance to the rats crawling around.