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Insanity Clicker (Windows)

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Written by  :  piltdown_man (159279)
Written on  :  May 29, 2019
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars
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At least it was free

The Good

I was very pleased that this game was free because I would not want to pay for it.

The game installed cleanly and played smoothly. It has sound and that worked too.

The Bad

I was not thrilled by this game. I've never played anything like it before so I could have used some kind of narrative to explain what it was all about. OK so game-play wise I know I just sit here clicking the mouse button - I get that - but;
  • What's the dress up doll for?
  • What's the player vs player mode and how does that work?
  • How do I use minions?
  • Finally, when I click on the icon that shows the game's innards at work just how the **** do I get out of it?

  • It is possible to recruit minions in the game to, presumably, fight alongside the player. All well and good but in the minion stats box there's a line to the effect that the player needs 'minion level five' but I could see nothing that showed my minion experience level explained how to achieve level five.

    After defeating the boss in room ten, I think there are other rooms but I could not get past ten, the game dropped me back into an earlier room for no apparent reason. It also enabled 'Idle Mode'. Whether it was replaying my game so far or playing for me wasn't clear but watching the points pile up I think it was playing for me. What's the point of a clicker game that does all the clicking on my behalf!
    I did try clicking my mouse but that didn't seem to make any difference.

    Accuracy is not a problem in this game, as long as the cursor is somewhere within the picture a click will do damage. This means in terms of game play there's no difference between a critical point on the monster's head or the picture on the wall.

    The artwork is adequate but not memorable however it doesn't have to be as the player's view is usually obscured by a blood splatter effect - I guess that's simpler than showing a monster taking actual damage.
    The monsters are 2D, cast no shadows and are not animated, though from time to time they do get larger as if approaching the player. They reminded me of stickers dropped in the middle of the screen and then peeled off and replaced when they 'died'.

    As far as music goes there were some vague sounds but I did not detect a background score. There are screams and groans but they are not convincing and get repetitive very quickly.

    It has one hundred and fifty-six in-game achievements which is a huge number. Early on I got one for clicking quickly but looking at the achievement grid I couldn't tell which one it was and I'm pretty certain that as the mouse moved over the icons there was no pop-up text to say what each one was - could be wrong but I don't remember it and its not captured on my screenshots.

    Finally, I logged out of the game and returned to it the next day. I was surprised to find that my minions had been fighting on my behalf, they'd unlocked another achievement - collecting one thousand teeth - and recruited other minions in my absence. I may be missing something but owning a game that plays itself for me seems utterly pointless

    The Bottom Line

    In fairness this is the first horror/slasher clicker game I have played. I have no idea whether this is a good or a bad example of the genre only that it didn't do anything for me.