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Inside Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The boy in the very first scene of the game, very similar to how Limbo starts.
Hiding from two men with a truck.
Crossing a river while chased by a dog.
The boy was shot, let's try that again.
Diving underwater while shots are fired.
Crossing the road in the rain.
You can grab and push objects.
It is obvious what to do here.
Looking down at a long row of people.
Hiding from two giant robots.
A small ledge
Here is a bright button you can press.
Recovering after a jump.
The dogs scare the boy off the fence.
You have no means to attack the man.
Controlling a small submarine.
You need to get higher.
A creature caught in the submarine's lights.
What does the number mean?
These 'people' help you grab the chain.
Finally some fire to deal with the dogs.
Here I am with my friends.
There is something strange in this cave, sending shockwaves that throw the boy.
A fight underwater
Swimming with the company of fish.
Grab and pull to open the hatch.
Another exit has been located.
A puzzle section with an unusual water mechanic
Everybody gathers to watch.
You need to get through, but the gate closes quickly.
A big flood
Industrial setting
Near a large oven
Curious people watch.
After being chased by a killer dog and jumped to in the direction of that tree, desperately using its roots to climb.
Another desperate escape, being chased by a pack of killer dogs. Have to jump to reach the lake. True tension.
Some sound of a percussion resembling steps very far away, now gets shape. People are really marching into something. They look like they have no will or choice.
This is some kind of audition, a mortal one. If you don't do what the 2nd person in front of you does, you'll be terminated.
The sky and the trees give you some calm. you are controlling the guy above through the device attached to your head, transporting you to the other side.
Big door, clean picture.
You don't drown any more. Let's get through that hatch.
Is there any relation between Jacques Tati's Playtime, Edward Hopper and Inside? I think there is a strong one.
There's the direction. Brought my zombie friends to see the Vistas!
What a splendid animation: fluid, organic, visceral, primitive, brutal. Metamorphosis.
A new terror lurks in the deep. It's the final Act, the Dénouement.