Interact Play VR Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Extras menu. Re-play all the scenes again
Introducing the girls
I wish this was a girl's butt!
Introducing the insane protagonist
The first girl is walking to the station
Begin your stalking
All you need to do here is stand behind the girl and wait
Getting on the train
I think I already know my target...
Beginning the first stage. The girl is still a bit protective
The blue bar at the bottom right shows how intense your movements are
You've reached the next stage: took off her skirt
Detailed interaction possibilities
Everythihng you do is physically reflected on the screen
Wow, her Ecstasy is full!
At certain points, you'll also see some CG
Proceeding to the final stage
Now you'll have to throw her on the floor
More and more actions become available. Change the camera to get a better view
Once a goal is accomplished, you can move to the next stage
You can also view things with two cameras
The girls will sometimes talk to you
You can choose to remove the 3D model of the protagonist
You obviously have a creative mind
Execute the movement exactly to flip her over