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Ion Fury Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (preview campaign)
Main menu (preview campaign) - filtered OpenGL)
Title screen (full version)
A large city in ruins awaits you (preview campaign).
The entire wall of this office building has been blown up (preview campaign).
Using the map (preview campaign).
Sneaking up on two enemies (preview campaign).
Using the revolver (preview campaign).
Queen of the Hill game mode (preview campaign)
One of the first views of the city in the game's first level
This opponent has a shotgun and can lob grenades.
Dual wield against some flying enemies.
Levels often have switches and controls that need to be located to progress.
An arena battle against a large mob
First zone complete
Encounter in a small corridor
Third-person view of Shelly while controlling a tank.
The game doesn't want you to quit. It really doesn't.
If you wonder why Shelly is the only GDF member in the promo material... this is why.
Not ominous at all.
Heskel not only has portraits of himself, but also his literally faceless minions.
You aren't a retro gamer if you don't remember where this is from.
Winding down with a game of darts. The interactivity with the world is impressive
The optional voxels for certain objects add to the game's visual depth.
Looking good there, Shell.
Strong enemies coming from dark or otherwise poorly visible areas get more common as time goes on.
There goes the head after the blast of a shotgun.
Heskel often pops up to taunt you.
This area also doubles as a shooting range where the game keeps track of your best times.
The reactor inside a facility
There is a large amount of verticality to the game.
Targetting an enemy with one of the most powerful guns.
The lobby of Heskel's headquarters
A section with a security system
Boss fight against a dropship
The register of a fast food joint
Fighting in the arena of one of the game's secret levels.