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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Title
Main Menu
IronStorm tries to account for all of your hero's weapons
Bombed-out, burnt-out landscapes abound
News reports provide backstory and hints
Helicopters and Trenches- this game has plenty of both
Our hero, ready to boldly go where no one has gone before
Foul smell of a stew will lead you into the kitchen
Your men are pinned down by enemy sniper fire and it's your job as a commando to eliminate them
Enemy sniper is clueless that his days are numbered
You and your troops advancing towards the enemy line
Your men lost all their equipment due to a flood
There's a lot of dust in these tunnels
A good bottle of vodka can have a same effect on the enemy as if you're wearing a stealth camouflage, but the moment you start shooting, they'll immediately sober up
There is an enemy sniper in the church tower, but the sun plays to his advantage as you cannot quite aim at him
Evading fire from multiple enemy turrets but with little luck
Taking a hold of an enemy turret and teaching them it's not good to let someone slip behind their lines
Even though you're going on foot, the terrain landscapes and weather effects will change as if you walked for days