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Istiden Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Loading screen
The main menu (each toy is a saved game)
Here we can get more information about the characters
Intro - here's all the kids gathered
The camp where the adventure begins
Evil looking seals are in my way
Using the broom to uncover parts of the boat from the snow pile
All the parts of the boat that are needed
Wood is needed to keep the fire from burning out
Foods in the paltry is needed to satisfy hunger
Who put the parcel there?
Found a cake. How odd...
When the cursor changes to a box it indicates a mini game
These animals will help us fish (although probably somewhat reluctantly)
This is simple: just launch the penguin towards the hole and hope he comes back with something nice
Oh no! That didn't work out well!
Poor little guy hits the ice. Animal cruelty in a kid game - who could suspect it?
This fellow was a bit luckier
In this mini game we have to help the birds to fly. Works a bit like Clowns
As the birds take off a piece of wood is dropped from the nest
This is a repeat the music mini game where the player has to click on the stones in the right order to play music
This guy is a bit creepy - what is that rabbit suite for?
Skiing mini game
Let's dance
We are out of wood and the girl takes cover under the snow