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Jade Empire: Special Edition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Tien's Landing - a dying village
Guess what, it has nothing to do with global warming at all.
Confused ghosts in a once flooded village
Shiny Happy People Land
Pirates of the ...of the.... never mind, just a isle full of pirates
Pirates isle, on the way to the top of the isle
As cliche as most other fantasy RPG, fight to the top for the bad boy.
The imperail city
A walk in the park.
Dungeon and's the dungeon.
and here's the dragon.
What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?
Brimful of asha on the Ganesha, freestyle!
The ghost of a pissed drowned girl...hmm, that "rings" a bell.
The mad hatter
A soon to be death villain
The monster on the left side is one of your comrades.
Fighting against the emperor's warriors.
Another view from the battlefield
This special attack can't be blocked.
Even the sky is not free of enemies.
A mysterious spirit, talking in riddles...
You can use your intuition, charm, and intimidation-skills in some conversations. This stupid ogre shouldn't be too hard to manipulate.
I have gained a new level of experience. My body, spirit, and mind can be increased. My fighting techniques can be enhanced as well.
Fighting with a rhino demon, and a horse demon. A fox spirit is helping me.
A boss battle! This is "the Mother" and her minions. She's trying to puke on disgusting!
You can learn many different fighting techniques during your adventure, and they can be enhanced when you gain new experience levels.
You can have same-sex romances in this game, both as a male and female character, which is something more games should have. My female character is flirting with Silk Fox in this screenshot.
Gladiator fight in the arena against an opponent wearing a mask...
The followers screen. Only one of your friends can follow you at a time.