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Written by  :  Evil-Jim (175)
Written on  :  Apr 03, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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More action, less resource management

The Good

What I liked most about this game was the minimal amounts of "resource managemnt" carried through from Jagged Allience 2 and the increased action. The addition of new mercs and weapons is a welcome surprise, as is the ability to select exactly what your custom merc stats are to be, each of the mercs has their own personalities and voice acting which is one of the biggest features of the whole series and this edition is no exception, all the characters have dozens of lines of dialouge and unique personalities, including the NPC's. Just like JA2, UB has one main goal with a few minor sub missions for your team to complete along the way, while you could still complete the game without doing them, it would be very difficult if you don't (one mission rewards you with the ability to purchase medical supplies.). The game is also extremely addictive although you may count this as a down side.

The Bad

One major problem with Unfinished Business is that on some computers, the AI turn runs incredibly slow, this can drag the AI turn on for upwards of 5 minutes in sectors with higher numbers of enemies. Another down side is the extremely repedative gamplay, how ever the failry short overall lenght of the game(another down side) helps to deminish the feelings of repedativeness.

The Bottom Line

JA2:UB is a modern, turned based, 3/4 down perspective, small unit combat game with stats improvement elements akin to a traditional RPG and dangerously addictive gameplay that will make you loose sleep playing the game. If I had to compare JA2 or any of the Jagged Allience series to a similar game, the closest game would have to be the Fallout series, although it has lots in common with the earlier X-Com series. Great fun even for people who don't realy like RPG's and this "lite" version is perfect for those who don't want to pussy foot around with mediocre functions when they could be fighting enemies.