Jagged Alliance 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro.
A personality test determines your characters' stats (German version).
Hire mercenaries for your team via the internet (German version).
This is your enemy, dictatress Deidranna. She'll get enraged the more sucessfull you are (German version).
The status and map screen. This is where you assign tasks to your teams (German version).
Confrontation! Mercenaries and redshirts battle it out over a distance (German version).
There are not only human enemies - a horde of nasty wildcats has our team surrounded (German version).
Grenades are very effective against groups of enemies (German version).
Kneeling behind objects and hiding around corners is very important, especially at close range (German version).
At night, sight and accuracy are limited (German version).
Deceased enemies drop weapons, ammo and other useful items.
Inventory management (German version).
Area maps show one entire sector. This is the Bloodcat arena in Meduna (German version).
Soldiers (your team in black camouflage on the right) can climb roofs for better aim (German version).
Exploding barrels! Nice! (German version)
Picking a locked door. Unfortunately, it's trapped... (German version)
Special mission: Nasty aliens have infested Cambria mine (German version).
Tanks are extremely dangerous and can only be destroyed with missile weapons (German version).
The camouflaged team (right) on an assault mission (German version).
The final missions in posh Meduna are graphically most opulent (German version).