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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (10 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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100 (Aug 21, 2011)
I know I seem to love indie games to an unhealthy amount, but it’s for good reason. Where everyone else is content to make the same games the same way over and over and over… Indie devs like Final Form are proof that even the simplest ideas within the construct of gaming have room for improvement, and terrific innovation. Beyond that you will never spend ten dollars on anything so irrefutably good in your life. But, honestly, you should have stopped reading and bought this game when I told you it was set in 17th century Mars.
The A.V. Club (Jul 18, 2011)
Jamestown doesn’t do anything especially new and exciting. It just does its style of controlled chaos really well. And if you have a friend or three to play co-op with, so much the better…
1UP (Jun 20, 2011)
Given Jamestown's indie roots, there's a lot to love here; in fact, the final stage's stirring, operatic soundtrack (along with the suitably epic music heard throughout) belies this game's humble origins. Even if you're lousy at shmups -- a category I definitely fall into -- Jamestown is very approachable, allowing you to slowly hone your skills before you tackle some of the trickier stages. And as Final Form Games' debut title, Jamestown can't be called anything but a fully realized labor of love.
Gamer Limit (Jun 13, 2011)
Overall, even without online play, Jamestown is a great title that’s worthy of any shmup fan’s time. The mechanics are solid, the presentation is great, and the price is right – I can’t wait to see what Final Form does next.
IGN (Jun 29, 2011)
From the splash screen down to the final credits, it's evident that a huge amount of TLC was poured into crafting Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony. It's an accessible, punchy shooter with some clever mechanics at play and a surprising level of depth hiding beneath the 16-bit surface. The level of polish found in the graphics and gameplay alike is outstanding for an indie title. Peculiar ideas and inventive mechanics make this quirky bullet-hell shooter a frenzied, fun affair.
85 (Jul 06, 2011)
Jamestown n'est certainement pas un shoot'em up qui révolutionne le genre, mais il s'agit d'un titre incroyablement bien réalisé qui va réconcilier les amateurs de shoots à l'ancienne et les fans de manic shooters.
80 (Nov 05, 2011)
Jamestown je tvrdou neúprosnou střílečkou ze staré školy. Svým vizuálním pojetím, hudbou a herní filosofií vytváří pomyslný návrat do zlatých dob arkádových řeží. Období steampunkového 17. století, do něhož je hra vsazena, jenom umocňuje výsledný prožitek, na který tak zároveň láká mladé hráče toužící nakouknout do dřevních dob videohraní.
GamingLives (Jul 02, 2011)
Niggles aside Jamestown really is a tremendous effort, and when you’re blasting away at the Martian hordes with the game's magnificent soundtrack blaring out, this really is gaming the way it's meant to be. If they ever find a way to implement online play, and maybe add to or tweak some of the game's features, this could be truly essential. I'm a recent convert to the charms of Steam, taking a holiday from my achievement whoring malaise on the 360, and with Xbox Live Arcade currently showing the quality and value for money of Ant and Dec, titles like Jamestown could see me extending my vacation. If this is the sort of output that we can expect from a first time indie dev then the sky is the limit.
Factornews (Jun 17, 2011)
Graphiquement c'est une orgie visuelle de couleurs doublée d'un design très allumé avec des soucoupes volantes qui croisent des fleurs mutantes et des araignées-canon. Les boss sont énormes et le tout tourne évidemment sans broncher sur n'importe quel PC. En plus le jeu comporte une BO mémorable, mention spéciale à la musique du dernier niveau qu'on finit par connaitre par coeur à force de crever. À une époque pleine de jeux tous similaires et sans la moindre difficulté, Jamestown : Legend of the Lost Colony fait beaucoup de bien au moral. Il se paye en plus le luxe d'innover un chouia dans le genre pourtant archi-couvert qu'est le shoot'em up et ne coûte que 10 euros.
80 (UK) (Jul 15, 2011)
Jamestown certainly isn't the biggest shooter you'll ever see, but given the amount of replayability built into the structure, you'll play it far more than you might imagine. Frankly, how else are you going to scratch that 17th-century British Colonial Mars itch?
Gamekult (Jun 21, 2011)
Pour une première oeuvre de jeune studio indépendant, Jamestown est une réussite sur beaucoup de points, en plus d'être vendue pour une bouchée de pain (même pas dix euros). Joli comme tout, intéressant à jouer, doté de musiques pleines de fougue et calibré pour les débutants comme pour les durs de durs, le titre ne pêche que par ses stages pas assez longs et son scénario trop peu développé par rapport à son potentiel. Autant dire qu'on aurait tort de ne pas soutenir le travail remarquable de Final Form Games et surtout de passer à côté d'un très bon manic shooter 2D à la rejouabilité importante.
80 (Jul 05, 2011)
Jamestown è uno shoot'em up bidimensionale vecchio stile a tutto tondo: tecnica e giocabilità rappresentano il fiore all'occhiello per il genere dell'era 16 bit, mentre il livello di sfida è in grado di stuzzicare il palato dei giocatori hardcore più esigenti. L'assenza di modalità online è mitigata dal superbo multiplayer in locale fino a quattro giocatori, solo un poco confusionario per i troppi proiettili che inevitabilmente viaggiano su schermo. Se avesse goduto di maggiore varietà il titolo dei Final Form Games avrebbe potuto affiancarsi ai mostri sacri degli shooter, ma anche così rappresenta un acquisto obbligato per tutti gli appassionati e non.
GamePro (US) (Jun 23, 2011)
Jamestown doesn't get bogged down in its devotion to the classics of the genre, nor does it try to attract a certain crowd with its art style (yes, I'm talking about Deathsmiles and its ilk). It instead focuses on giving you as many ways to grit your teeth as possible, and doing so with a solid shooting base. It's easy to fuss about the missed potential of playing the game online (a genuine problem), but what you get here is plenty. It's also a decent excuse to get that group together, provided your friends are as crazy as you are.
GameSpot (Jun 28, 2011)
All of the destruction and chaos in Jamestown is presented with great pixel art. Each stage is immaculately detailed, right down to the sashes on the red coats' jackets and tentacles on the Martian forces. And with the numerous explosions ripping through each stage, you might mistake this for a top-down version of Metal Slug. Somber orchestral tracks are juxtaposed throughout against the ridiculous storyline and grow bombastic in the game itself. Filled with style and substance, Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony is a great top-down shooter.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 10, 2011)
Jamestown: Legend of The Lost Colony is a fun Shmup that remembers to keep things simple. The appeal here is in the core action – never becoming confused with any half-baked mechanics or over-used ideas. The most promising thing about this Indie title is that not only is it often in the same league as the classics it imitates, but that it often rises above and beyond those influences, standing as one of the best original entries seen in years.
Giant Bomb (Jul 01, 2011)
While the experience is still somewhat fleeting, the quality of Jamestown's content, coupled with its reasonable $10 price tag on Steam, make it an easy recommendation for any PC-owning shooter fan. Its wild premise is surprisingly well-realized, and its shooting is top-notch. Put simply, it is a game that stacks up as well, if not better than many of the classics it's so clearly inspired by.
Destructoid (Jul 06, 2011)
The beauty of Final Form's debut is how many play styles it complements. Playing solo with the Beam ship, solo with the Gunner, or co-op with three friends makes for three completely different experiences with its own set of challenges. The slow-speed and simplistic scoring system paired with a distinct, amusing aesthetic make Jamestown a perfect first step into the shmup genre for a newbie and an interesting diversion for 1cc-ing elitists.
Spazio Games (Aug 12, 2011)
Il piccolo Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony è un progetto nato dalla passione dei suoi creatori e la qualità che ne è scaturita risulta essere lo specchio perfetto dell'impegno profuso per la realizzazione di questo sparatutto a scorrimento vecchia scuola. Dotato di un design incredibile e di un comparto sonoro d'eccellenza, il titolo è una piccola perla immancabile nella collezione di ogni amante degli shmup. Perla a cui manca solo una modalità co-op online per poter essere considerata veramente perfetta. Se amate il genere, Jamestown merita di diritto un posto di rilievo nella vostra collezione, a 7,99 euro non potete farvelo sfuggire.
PC Gamer (Aug 02, 2011)
It’s jaunty, silly, and extremely fun. Best played with a good friend, and a good joypad. It’s just a little bit too short.
Games TM (Jul 07, 2011)
It is the limited content that is Jamestown's biggest letdown, but with five uniquely designed levels, a handful of challenges and a punishing hardest difficulty, there's enough here to keep bullet hell addicts sated for a nominal fee. It won't convert anyone hesitant to the frenetic genre, but we don't expect that was ever the intention. And did we mention how gorgeous it looks?
Da Gameboyz (Jul 18, 2011)
In short, Jamestown is a fun old school game that, for the price, shows excellent play time, replay value, and variety. Recommended for those with patience or reflexes, or people who just want to have fun while going “OhcrapdodgeshootdodgeVAUNTOhmygod hahahahaaa, I’m dead!”
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2011)
Zet je schrap voor Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, die de klassieke formule alle eer aandoet. Wij zijn alvast verkocht.

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