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Jane's Combat Simulations: Attack Squadron Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and main menu Screen
Reference screen
P51D "Mustang" cockpit
P51D "Mustang" preparing for take off
Flying over the British fields
P51D "Mustang" flying in formation
German Fw190A-4 "Wurger" squadron ready for take off
Fw190A-4 "Wurger" cockpit
German Fw190A-4 "Wurger" Over the channel
B24D "Liberator" cockpit
6 B24D "Liberator" bombers ready for the mission
Airfield view with the squadron ready to take off, on the distance
View from the nose gun
View from the top gun
Belly gun view
Bomber station
B24D "Liberator" opening bomb doors
Quick mission panel
German Bf.109 G6 "Gustav"
Bf.109 G6 "Gustav" cockpit
The bombers flying in formation on the dusk
Our bomber, minutes before the attack
Under enemy fire
Lancaster MK1 cockpit
Lancaster MK1 tail turret view
Lancaster MK1 bomber view
Campaign briefing Screen
Squadron roster
News screen
American P-38J "Lightning" Squadron
Spitfire MK1 cockpit
Spitfire MK1 flying on a mission again German bombers