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Advertising Blurbs

2000 EA Product Catalog:
    Command the world's most powerful carrier strike fighter.


    Fully functional 3D virtual cockpit looks, sounds, and operates just like a real F/A-18.

    Enhanced graphics engine features gorgeous terrain, 3D clouds, and ground clutter for an incredible sense of speed.

    Amazing special effects including explosive pyrotechnics, dynamic colored lighting, and a variety of weather and sea conditions.

    Engage in all roles of air warfare: Air-to-Air dogfights, Air-to-Ground missions, and Air-to-Surface (Naval) strikes.

    A complete air campaign against a state-of-the-art air force in the waterways of Northern Russia.

    Contributed by Zovni (10636) on Jan 29, 2002.

Back of Box:
    Step into the Hornet's nest.

    From the creators of the award-winning F-15, F/A-18 captures all the sping-tingling emotion, gut-wrenching excitement and heart-pounding glory of commanding the most powerful carrier strike fighter the world has ever seen. Like no other simulator before, F/A-18 brings the experience of being a U.S. Navy pilot to life with adrenaline-pumping precision.

    Catch the 3 Wire
    ... and feel the flight deck roll in the most realistic carrier-air operations ever experienced on a PC.

    Painstakingly Replicated Virtual Cockpit
    Read every gauge and click every button of this full-functional environment. The cockpit maintains functionality even when your sites are set on the target.

    Unprecedented Communication Systems
    From tower to deck and everything in between, experience the most authentic communication procedures the U.S. Navy has to offer.

    Utilize A Weapon Arsenal Like No Other
    Like the real Super Hornet, this F/A-18 has a vast array of air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-surface weapons, more than any other naval aircraft in service today.

    Next Generation Graphics
    ... cover over two million square kilometers of dynamically lighted and detailed terrain.

    Feel The Speed
    ... of supersonice flight at low levels. Special textured noise in low altitude terrain delivers an incredible sense of speed over the highly-detailed landscape.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9535) on Dec 08, 2001.

antstream tournament