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Originally, Fleet Command was supposed to be an Aegis Destroyer simulator that allows one to control ship and its LAMPS helos to prosecute submarines and escort bigger ships like a CVBG or a convoy. Then Sonalysts realized they have to really simulate the rest of the task force as well, so they shifted the game focus, and we got Fleet Command instead.


The unit AI of each and every unit, from the individual planes and missiles to entire task groups can be edited via the "doctrine" files. The ones that came with the game was quite unrealistic and made the game felt like a typical RTS. Fans quickly started creating more detailed doctrine files and started adding more units and weapons to the database. See the "Links" for access to WDP: warship database project. There is also an unofficial patch V1.3 available.


Fleet Command was actually used at the US Naval Academy for command exercises, according to the Sonalysts website.

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on Dec 02, 2000. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (234420)]. -- edit trivia