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Jane's Combat Simulations: IAF - Israeli Air Force Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Opening cut-scene
Up close and personal
Lethal weapon
Over a target and ready to drop
8 o'clock while taking off
CBU-87 cluster bomb hit
Defending nuclear reactor
Dropping countermeasures
Enemy radar base protected by ZSU-23
Enemy Mi-8 with commando units
F-15 launching air-to-air missile
F-16 launching maverick missile
F-4 carrying AA missiles and guided bombs
F-4s are taking off
Flying in canyon to avoid radar detection
Flying over night city
Friendly naval task force
Fullscreen of TV guided bomb display
HUD closeup during night landing
Il-76 hit by missile
In the hangar
Inside Mig-23
Landing my F-15
Lavi closeup during take off
Mig down! Watch out for debris
One mig down, the second don't have much chances
Operation hijack
Port Said during dawn
Tutorials have detailed descriptions
Low and Fast - how to beat SAMs in the Phantom
Easy does it - Wham - Got him! Full burner delivery of cbu demonstrated
Bring them all back: to be a good flight leader, send your wingmen home after just one pass.
All are safe & accounted for.
Airshow demonstration
Spartan atmosphere of real IAF is well rendered in this old sim. Weather is not a concern - clear skies are the norm.
The basic combat formation in IAF is the pair. Here we see the start to a bombing training mission. Radio talk is brief. This air force cannot advertise its presence.
Flight from wingmen is smooth - I disagree with any review that says the contrary - join-ups, breaks, fighting, bombing & landing show skill. Here I lead my flight from base to final.
I do a break turn, letting my wingman land first. I will follow him to the apron, and park. I leave a space for any other inbound ai aircraft. I must be aware of other flights, not just my own.
Object textures (skins) can be easily modified. You can re-paint any vehicle. Even the look of the game can be updated. This F-15 is from 69 Hammers Sqn.