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Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Apache taking off.
Enemy tank closing in.
Apache fires salvo of hellfire missiles.
Firing rockets at close range.
Su-25 Frogfoot joins the battle.
Taking the offensive with Stinger missile.
Mi-24 Hind drops flares.
Enemy tanks seen through gunners head-down display.
Hellfire launch through FLIR.
Target destroyed.
Escorting Blackhawk choppers in a night mission.
Base/Main Menu
Training Room/Training Menu
Locker Room/Pilot Selecting
Comm Room/Multiplayer Menu
A KIA Pilot (Andy Hollis is the man!)
Single Mission Planner
Single Mission Prepare
Mission Failed.
Pilot Unit Report
Video List
Pilot Medals
Options Menu
Jane's Logo.
Multiplayer Options.
Opening Cinematic - A Peaceful Night?
Opening Cinematic - Bad Feelings.
Opening Cinematic - Enemy Tank.
Opening Cinematic - Recon
Opening Cinematic - Better Run.
Opening Cinematic - See who's here?
Opening Cinematic - Firing Stinger
Opening Cinematic - See ya.
Opening Cinematic - Something burning?
Opening Cinematic - Rockets pouring!
Opening Cinematic - Big Exit
Black Hawk Training
Mission loading screen.
Sky with 3Dfx.
3D cockpit view.
FLIR view splash!
Targeting an A-10.
The wandering A-10.
Look at that 3Dfx shadow!
Mission success+!
Very detailed A-10 model.
Hellfire away!
The hell is coming.
FCR radar at work.
See ya, Hind!
Night vision looks gorgeous under 3Dfx.
What are you staring at? Death?
My buddy wingman.