Jasper's Journeys Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen.
The few options in the options screen.
Instructions, page 1. How to play the game.
Instructions, page 2.
Instructions page 3. The potions can help a great deal, but they are only active for the duration of the level in which they are found.
Page 4 of the "Instructions" is actually the Credits.
Common enemies, birds like to drop rocks on Jasper's head.
Goblins - at least they look goblin-like to me. Two hits needed to take them out - one to knock off the helmet, and one to crack the skull.
What indie platformer would be complete without spikes to jump over?
This little piggy is about to become bacon.
Innkeepers charge for everything.
Secret passages often lead to treasure.
This fire breathing demon will have a hard time getting to Jasper.
One of the game's multiple bosses, the Fire Snake is quite fearsome - unless you're packing a flying potion.