Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare 98 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

First level of "Holiday Hare '98", named "Snow bunnies". Xmas version of turtle is also visible.
There are also lizards from JJ2, but with Santa's caps.
This lizard throws presents instead of bombs (see JJ2).
You can use your "special abilities", as in JJ2.
Bonus area. Shine on, you crazy diamond!
Beginning of second level, "Dashing thru the snow" (polish version).
You know, sometimes I feel like a ball...
Encountering a bat.
Of course, you can still use your "ear-copter".
Now you can see a "fast fire powerup".
After picking up about 15 "fast-fires" your blaster is so powerful, that you don't need any other weapons.
You stole my carrot juice! You filthy thief!
Beginning of third (and last!) level, "Tinsel town" (polish version).
If you eat enough food, you can kill you enemies by touching them for 20 seconds (again polish version).
Now I'm hanging with my ears. Try it at home!
It's a very beautiful town, isn't it?
Sky crappers?
Crimson king? No, it's just a Bilsy boss. He's very hard to kill.
Starting screen (The Christmas Chronicles edition)
Main menu (The Christmas Chronicles edition, finally English!)
Episode selection (The Christmas Chronicles edition)
It's time for some screenshots of user-made levels. This one is "Hot Cross Bunnies".
It's clone attack...
"Easter hunt". Notice a user-made tileset.
You can collect these shoes, but they won't speed you up or anything.
"Easter pinball eggs". You may "bounce around" here for a while.
Don't "lose" your ball in pinball, because you will face this guy...
"Happy eastern" level.
"Easter time" level.
"Easter elves" level. Why there are so many Easter-themed levels in "Christmas chronicles"?