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Defeating JJ2's bossesContributed by Maw (884) on Aug 03, 2005.

Queen: level 3. The Queen has two attacks, she will stamp the ground causing rocks to fall from the roof above you, and she will yell so loudly you will get blown back on to the spikes if you're not careful. While she is yelling, she will lower her shield, this is when you should shoot. Keep as close as you can to her so you can avoid the falling rocks, and keep shooting when she isn't protected by her shield.

Schwartzenguard: level 5. Pretty easy. He will walk from left to right inside the area and throw his ball and chain at you. Just avoid the ball and chain, stay out of his reach, and keep shooting. He has a lot of health but is one of the easier bosses.

Robot Boss: level 8. This boss will fire missiles at you, and dragonflies will attack you from above as well. If you're accurate, you should be able to shoot the missiles out of the air before they hit you. Keep shooting, dodge the attacking dragonflies, and you'll win.

Uterus: level 13. Hovers over your head, and drops crabs on you. The Uterus has no other method of attacking, just kill the crabs before they land and you should be OK. Shoot straight up to hit the Uterus, or use seeker missiles instead (you should have found some in the area just before the boss fight).

Bubsy: level 16. Bubsy is tough, since he can teleport from place to place and has a powerful fireball attack. Jump over or duck his fireballs, shoot randomly so you can hit him wherever he teleports to.

Devan Shell: level 20. The last boss in the game, and the hardest. Not only does Devan Shell have a lot of HP and is immune to seeker missiles, but he has two lives: kill him once and he'll just appear again. Stay as far away from him as possible, if he touches you you're dead. Dodge his swoops, keep your distance, and hope for the best. At least there's health right before the boss fight. :S

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