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Written by  :  Rensch (216)
Written on  :  Nov 13, 2005
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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A totally wacky platform game, fun for everyone!

The Good

The graphics are great and detailed. There are few side scrollers in those hi-res graphics. At that time 3D was used for most platform games, but this game proves that 2D games are just as fun. Everything looks detailed and colorful and it's all drawn in a great cartoon style. The gameplay is OK too and gives you a lot too shoot at just like in the first game. There's a vast array of weapons such as dynamite, ice beam and flamethrower. (my favorite) You can play as either Jazz or his crazy brother Spaz. Spaz starts and different points and has different abilities making the game replayable at least once. The multiplayer is excellent here. You can just play with two players as both brothers in a mode wherein you work together or against each other. There are also modes such as capture the flag which are usually only found in 3D games which is great. The best part of the multiplayer, however, is that you can play online, which greatly increases the replayability of the game. There's some great music too with, you guessed right, some jazzy tunes in it. There are also three difficulty levels. The story does the job too: Devan Shell, a turtle and the nemesis of Jazz, has stolen the wedding jewel Jazz wanted to give to his girlfriend princess Eva Earlong. Devan uses it to power up his time machine to change history to has advantage. Jazz and Spaz have been thrown into the dungeon by Eva's mother, a mean queen. Now the brothers must escape the castle and retrieve the jewel. Finally there is a versatile tool to create your own levels, but this is difficult in use.

The Bad

The first game was very fast and difficult, much like Sonic. This game is not as quick and quite easy. Thankfully there are three difficulties, as I said, with more baddies on higher modes. Too easy at times. The creators took the complaint about the first game a bit too serious. In high resolutions it can be difficult to see what you are doing at times. The level editor is too difficult in use for most people, too.

The Bottom Line

Despite a few small flaws this game is great fun for the whole family. And is fun to play with friends, even if they live abroad.