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Jazzpunk Credits (Windows)

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Jazzpunk Credits


Written byLuis Hernandez, Jess Brouse
Directed byLuis Hernandez, Jess Brouse
Art Direction byLuis Hernandez
Production Design byLuis Hernandez
Programming byJess Brouse
Assistant Christmas Card SmugglerKemp Dockwood
Prosthetics WranglerSplenda Barbituate
Tarantula Waxing byJetson Larprikahn
Stunts byUnpaid Intern
Motion Capture byOctopuses Anonymous
Endoscopy byThe Player
Vampire Basketball CoachSamuel Horsebrush
Teledildonics bySandra Bollock
Jazzpunk was filmed in front of aLive Studio Cobra
Powered byThe Indifference Engine or whatever
Copyright 1959BNecrophone Games Corp.
Original Music byLuis Hernandez
Additional Production Music byPhil Baljeu, Troy Morrissey, Dan Rodriguez
Cinnamontography byThe Muffin Man
Animation byJess Brouse
Sound Design byLuis Hernandez
Catering byJerry's Skunk & Tackle
Wilhelm Scream byWilhelm DaFoe
Costume Design byPantomimers Anonymous
Camera OperatorThe Player
Voice Characterizations byLuis Hernandez
Additional Voices byZoë Quinn, Olivia Cattropa, Jim Sterling, Chris Huth
Snake WranglerKiyoshi Yori
Assistant Executive Snake WranglerFensen Van Dippleswash
Sliders Joke byMr. Mallory
Matte Painting byMathew Painter
Executive Wonderful PersonErin Wood
Text-To-Speech Coach and Iguana RomancerÉmile Arnaud
Shot on location inWhale Carcass Virginia
Pyrotechnic Hampsters byFuzzBang Inc.
Filmed inBananaVision
10Marriages Consummated
0/3VHS Rentals Returned
49/49Antique Vases Destroyed
$0PET Commander Insurance Claim
0/1Pigeons Smuggled
Developed byNecrophone Games
Published by Steam byAdult Swim Games
Adult Swim GamesSteven Gee, Elizabeth Murphy, Matt Schwartz, Chris Johnston, John Hinson, Angeline Weiss, Jacob Paul, Liz Pate, Zo Douglass, Jeff Olsen, Ross Regitsky
Luis would like to thankhis friends and family for putting up with his crap throughout the development of this game
Jess would also like to thankhis friends and family for all their support!
Special ThanksPhil Baljeu, Lily Catroppa, Rob Cruickshank, Chris de Carteret, Mitchell Chan, Brendon Chung, Hannah Epstein, Henry Faber, Jennie Faber, Steve Gaynor, Steven Gee, Matt Hammill, Ezra Hanson-White, Dafydd Hughes, Chris Huth, Robert King, Michel Mcbride, Johnnemann Nordhagen, Jenn Ngo, Stefen Powell, Zoë Quinn, Max Scoville, Alex Sknukal, Nick Stedman, Jim Sterling, Miguel Sternberg, Don Thacker, Imagos Films, Jamie Tucker, Kelly Wallick, Adam Winkels, Erin Wood, Karla Zimonja, Mr. No, Cookie, Moushu, Stripe, Dini, Sklax, Patchy, Mims, Tampopo, Moogie, and all people we have forgotten

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