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Jazzpunk Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Arrival at the airport
The animated introduction sequence
Meeting the director for the first time.
Title screen
In the first chapter your task is to infiltrate.
The reception area, but you don't have an appointment.
An optional game of Space Invaders
The cereal box contains a gadget.
Suddenly you are in an Asian setting.
Conversation with one of the locals
Swat some flies.
At a sushi restaurant
The metro leads to the exit.
Find some fire to light the incense.
A section where you travel all over the world with some creative names for the countries.
At the resort
Jumping in the pool.
The pizza world mini-game
Getting a drink in the resort.
Wedding Qake is a full deathmatch game based on Quake III.
A nod to Street Fighter
A James Bond sequence
There is a strange van in this hotel room.
Meeting the main antagonist while wearing a disguise.
Some unexpected help
A secret location
Roast the pig and find out what happens.
This section is called the Wetworks
A logical ending to a game of Solitaire
No worries, it's just the game!
The computer that powers it all.
Here you can spread some pheromones.
Be creative with the music.
Hit the targets with the toaster.
A nod to Fruit Ninja in this mini-game.
Scratch all the things.
Creative lockpicking.
Time for a pillow fight with an unexpected ending.
A totally unfair game of mini golf
A racing mini-game referencing Wave Race 64.
A first-one person game of tennis using a Virtual Boy visual style.
Let's spice up the pool settings.
Chapter selection