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Atari 50

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu Credits

40 people (15 developers, 25 thanks)

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu

In loving memory of my momAnn Fearrington (1945-2018)
ConceptJoe Russ
ArtJoe Russ
DesignJoe Russ, Ben Tillett
StoryJoe Russ, Ben Tillett
AnimationJoe Russ, Ben Tillett
WritingJoe Russ, Ben Tillett
BusinessJoe Russ, Melissa Finley (Duchess of Arthurton)
MarketingJoe Russ, Melissa Finley (Duchess of Arthurton)
SoundJoe Russ, Ben Tillett, Jake Cuddihy
CodeBen Tillett
MusicC. Andrew Rohrmann (credited as scntfc)
Additional StoryMelissa Finley (Duchess of Arthurton)
Concept Art & Character DesignSyd Weiler
Additional Character DesignHenrique PL
Additional Art & Concept ArtTrudi Castle
QA TestingRobert Manley
Public RelationsFuture Friends


Concept ArtAlex Pope, Rebekah Jin
Character DesignAlex Pope
Additional Character AnimationIsaac Tranken
Additional AnimationJacob Berrier


Executive Kickstarter ProducerMatt Katinas
Special ThanksVal Tillett, Owen Tillett, Carl Burton, Florence Fearrington, Kameisha Bennett, Saleem Dabbous (& KO_OP), Anthony Yu (credited as Moo Yu), Greg Rice, Thomas Brush, Thomas Hourdel, Owen Goss, Greg Tillett, Ame Tillett, Justin Meredith, Michael Adams, James Russ, Lucy Russ, Alissa Haines, The family Weiss, Morgan Williams, Tony Li, Gavalakis Vaggelis, Benjamin Rivers
Extra Special ThanksTilly

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (833711)

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