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JetFighter 2015 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

the game's main screen
our plane in the starting intro
this enemy won't stay here for too long
while people is having fun, some terrorists are preparing evil stuff
here they are
uh oh... I don't like this
another terrorist's meeting
one of our planes
loading screen
starting the training mission
third person view
in cockpit view
making a flyby
first person view
outside view of the craft
another view
using turbo mode
the craft can also stand still in the air
making some turns
setup screen
controller setup
loading game
briefing for the first mission
intro of the first mission
I'm tempted to fly under the bridges
humm, may be not
we can see some primary targets ahead
yep, here they are
but not without some fight
yeah, I don't care
preparing for an attack
you should select air to ground missiles for these
let's see this city (I forgot about the main mission)
trying not to hit the building
another panoramic view for the photos ;)
well, I should get back to the mission
air to air missile... eat that, sucker!
stand still, please
I know it is an enemy helicopter! :P