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JetFighter IV: Fortress America Credits

Mission Studios

Simulation Design and ProgramRobert Dinnerman
Project Director, Design and ProgrammingBrian Boudreau
Studio Director / Executive ProducerMatthew M. Harmon
Lead Mission Design and Programming, Campaign DesignRoger Ray
Scenery Database Design and ProgrammingMichael Woodley
Terrain Textures, Mission Generator ProgrammingDan Kaufman
Mission Design and Programming, Mission Editor ProgrammingEric Smith
3D Models, Textures, Interface ArtPavle Kovacic
Avionics ProgrammingAaron Bufkin
External Art CoordinationBrian Weber
3D Models, TexturesCef Grima, Stephen Estes, Shawn Sullivan, Robert Fletcher
Sound EffectsJim Rose
Mission Briefing and Intro VoicesDude Walker
In Game VoicesAaron Rigby, Timothy Beggs, Mike Gathagan, Eric Young, Ashton Fletcher, Chris Mate, Greg Bauman, Dawn Silwick, Phil Santiago, Chris Larkin
Voice Recording / EditingTimothy Beggs, Aaron Rigby
Manual AuthorsMatthew M. Harmon, Timothy Beggs, Roger Ray


ProducerTimothy Beggs
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
General ManagerChris Mate
VP of Business DevelopmentJamie Leece
Graphic ArtistChristine Lagna
IllustratorKurt Miller
Background StoryBrett Butler
Quality Assurance LeadsChien Yu, Lisa Nawrot
TestersRoger Ray, Eric Smith, Scott Wilson, Mike Ma, Lisa Nawrot, Ron Johnson
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Public Relations DirectorMike Gathagan
Product ManagerAaron Rigby
Marcom CoordinatorChris Larkin
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Business ManagerPeggy Zoltan
AdministrationLinda Wratchford
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
Technical ManagerPhil Santiago
Technical SupportFrank Runge, Lisa Nawrot, Pete Stewart, Ron Johnson, Lisa Ondras, Chien Yu, Mike Ma, Scott Wilson, Josh Rose, Kathy Richardson
Beta TestersKevin Fray, Scott Holland, Chad Olson, Aurelio Reis, Ben Roubique, Daren Walz, Scott Workman, Michael Yust
Special Thanks ToDoug Bevard (Pegasus Enterprise; for additional testing), Denise Bevard (Pegasus Enterprise; for additional testing), Anna [for her patience and understanding]

Take 2 Europe

ProducerMichael Wenn
Associate ProducerNick Sneddon
UK Marketing AssistantGary Sims
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Co‑ordinatorChris Madgwick
QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TestersPaul Byers, Timothy Bates, Kevin Hobson
TestersCharlie Kinloch, Andrew Mason, Denby Grace, Julian Turner, Chris Brown, Lee Johnson, Matthew Hewitt, James Cree, William Curton, Robert Dunkin, Philip Alexander

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Timothy Beggs, 70 other games
Andrew Mason, 68 other games
James Cree, 68 other games
Jamie Leece, 67 other games
Robert Dunkin, 64 other games
Kevin Hobson, 63 other games
Phil Santiago, 63 other games
Philip Alexander, 62 other games
Lisa Nawrot, 60 other games
Josh Rose, 57 other games
Linda Wratchford, 57 other games
Michael Wenn, 52 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Dr Necessiter (195), Jeanne (76449) and formercontrib (159050)