Jets 'n' Guns Gold Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The story is told on screens like these.
My ship and my inventory
There are several ships available. This one isn't as useful as it might look.
In some missions you can only fly as a lonely pilot.
During your missions you collect tons of stuff. Some of it more useful than others.
The weapons test range
I have a universe to save but I can't bring myself to shut down that Tetrix mini-game that came with my ATARIX device.
The mission has just begun and I already have a bodycount of 4.
If you have sufficient coolant, you can shoot as much as you want.
Destroy everything to get the highest medals and the greatest amount of money.
You can also use bombs if you bought some.
The bodycount shows 212 and judging from the screenshot, it'll go straight up in a few seconds.
My Federal Hero license looks good. Please ignore the 201 M.I.A..
The story begins.
The very first mission with only one gun and a really bad ship.
Although this mission is set in space, you can still kill many ground targets.
If you destroy this ship, a cargo container will fall out of it.
I collected a cargo container which can contain weapons or other stuff in it.
I discovered a secret duck which are used to unlock bonus levels.
I collected a duck. If I find all in this level, I'll unlock a bonus level.
They killed me but it still looks great.
I know I failed the mission! You don't need to rub it in!