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Atari Gravitar

Jewel Drop! Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main screen showing the three modes of play
When the player selects a type of game, in this case it's the Levels Mode, the screen dims and the game configuration options are displayed.
This is the game area. It's much the same in all games. The status bar on the left in this game shows how close the player is to reaching the next level.
The game in Levels Mode showing an alternate gem set
The game in Levels Mode showing an alternate gem set and the 'Next Level' message
As the player progresses through the levels the background image changes
A timed game in progress. There are levels in this mode too and the status bar shows how close the player is to the next level.
A Game Over message in Classic mode. The game is over when there are no more moves or when the player aborts the game
The game configuration options are accessed via the main menu's Preferences button
The game keeps a high score record for each game mode
The keyboard can be used for some, but not all, game controls. For example it can change the gem set but it cannot be used to select gems to match
The help screen is also accessed from the main menu. The arrows at the bottom of the screen scroll the text up/down