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Jewel Quest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Instructions on how to play the game
Between levels
Level 1-1
Level 1-2 - Level just completed
Level 1-3 - Level completed
Level 2-1 - Ready to begin the level
Level 2-4 - Too slow, time is up and a life is lost
After clearing a few squares, random items are quickly dropped from the top of the screen to refill the board
In the replay mode you can have another go at the levels you've unlocked previously
You can't swap the items covered with sand. First you'll have to free them by including them in a match
After completing an entire stage a small diary entry advances the story
When you haven't made a match for a while the game gives you a hint. I can make a match by swapping the glowing skull in the top-right corner
After completing the game on the first difficulty level Jewel Quest starts all over again, but adds cursed relics that remove the layer of gold if not matched in a combo
Excavator difficulty level (your third go at the levels): tiles must first be turned to silver before they can be turned to gold
You also lose a life when you can't make a move anymore. This basically only happens on the higher difficulty levels when there are more than 4 types of relics in play