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Atari Australia website - Windows:
    The most realistic series of snooker and pool simulations is back with Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White lending his cheeky, cockney charisma yet again on PlayStation 2, and PC in Jimmy White’s Cueball World, only this time round the new game is set in a wide variety of stunningly animated ambient locations around the globe ranging from a desert Island in the Maldives, to Stonehenge in the UK ! Needless to say the games state-of-the-art ball kinetics are utterly realistic and will raise the stakes for world class Snooker and Pool games just like the previous titles from Archer Maclean and his award winning team at Awesome Developments. Cueball World also features highly expressive animated ‘hands’ that inhabit each of the games scenes and these represent your opponent for that level. The graphical quality of the various pairs of hands is so high that each hand has more polygons than the entire previous Cueball game ! Besides the amazingly surreal locations and great Snooker/ Pool games, there is a plethora of rule types, new gameplay features and even a series of unusual and addictive sub-games. These include a series of crazy-golf like Pool-Stunt-Tables where you pot against the clock, a tilting and swivelling Ball-in-a-Maze game, an Endurance Thumb Wrestling game, and good old British Darts. Full internet / LAN play modes complete the truly interactive experience.

    Minimum Specification:

    ·Pentium II 333 MHz Processor based computer running Windows 9x O/S.
    ·64 MB System Memory.
    ·100 MB available Hard Disk Space.
    ·4 x CD-ROM.
    ·Direct X 8.0 compatible video card.
    ·Direct X 8.0 compatible sound card.
    ·Direct X 8.0 (Included on CD-ROM)

  • World class ball physics that are just as accurate off the table as on!
  • Eight different immersive real world environments - all fully animated
  • A series of increasingly intelligent CPU player opponents and continued inclusion of exquisitely detailed animated hands
  • Full Network / Internet play modes and on-line abilities
  • 4 highly addictive sub-games
  • Fully endorsed by Jimmy White

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 20, 2004.