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John Deere: American Builder Deluxe Credits

Gabriel Entertainment

PresidentMichael Root
Vice PresidentGreg Phillips
ProducerDaniel Sutton
Lead ProgrammerSumner McCarty
Engine ProgrammerGary McNickel
3D ArtistShane Simon, Scott Linder, Gabe Simon, Phong Hong
AnimationSean Glick
2D ArtistIan Smith
User Interface/ProgrammerJason Silverman
Level DesignerDerek O'Dell

Bold Games

CEOPaul Rinde
PresidentPeter Tamte
Vice President of SalesScott Addyman
Director, Licensing and Aquisitions, and Senior ProducerRoger F. A. Arias
Director of OperationsAl Schilling
Marketing ManagerCindy Swanson
Public RelationsSteven Charbonneau
Graphic DesignDavid Stengel, Jack Wilcox
Quality AssuranceGreg Stutsman, Paul Murphy, Bob Strenger
Technical Support ManagerGreg Grimes

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Credits for this game were contributed by Eep² (94)