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John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror Credits

78 people (74 developers, 4 thanks)


ProducerScott Evans
Associate ProducerSam Clifford
Marketing ManagerKaren Conroe
Production AssistantGeorge Chastain Jr.
Lead TesterChris Cates
Mindscape TestersEric David Ribner, Cyrus G. Harris, Alex Marcelo
Additional TestersAaron Addleman, Jeremy Campbell, Alana Gilbert, Eric Johannessen, Joel Lehmann, Trevalyan Markle, Jonah Rosestone, David L. Yen
Test SupervisorJeff Franks
Localization CoordinatorJeff Groteboer
Manual AuthorAnathea Lopez
Graphic Design & DTPMark Gallarno, Andrew French
Media EngineerMario Alves
Audio EngineeringAndrew Frazier, Stephen Lam
Install ProgrammerPhilip Wang
Web Site DesignEric Wayne Key
Executive ProducerBret Berry, Michael Verdu
Special Thanks ToJan Lindner, Maria Murnane, Michael Sack, John Saul
DesignBob Bates
WritingBob Bates
Co-ProducersBob Bates, Jim Montanus
Technical LeadJim Montanus
ProgrammingDuane Beck, Jim Montanus
System Design & ProgrammingDuane Beck, Chip Kerchner, Jim Montanus, Mark Poesch, Steve Riley, Dave Townsend, Mike Young
TestingSamuel Brown, Dave Chladon, Rosie Freeman, Joven J. Malazo, Darrin West, Mark Zelesky
Voice Direction & ProductionKathleen Bober
Introduction AnimationKathleen Bober, Paul Mock, Forge Interactive, Presto Studios, Advance Concepts Inc.
PhotographyKathleen Bober, Fil Hunter, Robin Reid
Photography ModelsChristopher Field, Peggy Yates
IntroKathleen Bober, Frank Pine, Mark Redfield
StereoscopeJoan Corcoran, James Kinstle, Josh Mandel
Stereoscope Direction & ProductionKathleen Bober
Caretaker of the Legend AsylumRosie Freeman
Voice ActorsAndre Bulkin (Joshua Metcalf), Angela Calo (Marilyn), Lance Carter (Paul), Jarlath Conroy (Seamus), Francie Glick (Jane), Tae Hour (Abraham), Lance Lewman (Jack), Marty McDonough (Oliver Metcalf), Marie McKenzie (Merle), Henry Strozier (Malcolm Metcalf), Bob Supan (Nick & Organist), Lisa Newman Williams (Lavinia & Rebecca), Kathleen Bober (Historical Society & Electroshock Therapy Nurse)
LocalisationPatrick Baroni, Olivier Fackeure
Artistical SupportMaria Fernandez, Justyna Cielecki, Annette Rauber
Artistical Design, Music and Sound EffectsPresto Studios
Design and Layout of the user interfaceForge Interactive
Voice RecordingCue Recording Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158051) and MAT (229784)

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