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Jolly Rover Credits

60 people (50 developers, 10 thanks)


ProducerAndrew Goulding
ProgrammerAndrew Goulding
Voice Casting & DirectionAndrew Goulding
DesignerAndrew Goulding
WriterAndrew Goulding
Additional Word WranglingBen Kosmina


Art DirectorPeter Viska
Layout ArtistPeter Viska
Character Art DesignersPeter Viska, Asteria Setiono, Shanti Tirtajayawati
Background Paint ArtistsMatthew Martin, Andrew Kwa, Xavier Martin, Yeap Heng Shen
Art Production ManagersSelene Bateman, Kate Mills
AnimatorsAsteria Setiono, Marta Tesoro, Isaac Cafarella, Laura Stitzel
Prop ArtistsLaura Stitzel, Thomas Jackson


AudioJacek Tuschewski
VoicesScott Poythress (Gaius James Rover/Davey/Francois le Barbecue/Jacques le Barbecue/James Rover - Gaius Father/Tim Dawkins - spared pup/Young Gaius/Monkey), Marian Hussey (Clara May Silvereye/Abby/Molly), James Brinkley (Governor Guy DeSilver/Ron Copper/Scruffy), H. Keith Todd (Juan Leon), Alex Warner (Captain Lester Howell/Bobby/Insane Pirate - Antonio/Melvin the Hairy/Rufus/Silvereyes ghost/Puggy/Voodoo Priest/Pete O Malley/Hector/Mate), Alison Craig (Captain Marianne le Boucher/Beth)

My Quest EngineDaniel Filner
Playground Game EngineTim Mensch (Lead), Reggie Seagraves (Mac Lead), Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks
Special ThanksBridey Goulding (for all the cups of tea and coffee), Emma Goulding (for brightening my office), Peter Viska (for saying ), David L. Gilbert (for inspiration), Brad Giblin (for being ace), Arthur Kakouris (for printing my initial application), David Grossman (for making me feel awesome), Scott Poythress (for being awesome), Matthew Hall, Wyatt Miles (for the first scurvy dogs)
Beta TestersBridey Goulding, Yeap Heng Shen, Rhiannon Phillips, Selene Bateman, Astrid Beulink, Lynne Wiseman, Kathy Kruse, Robert Field, Matthew Ryan, Marian Hussey, Nicholas Tan, David L. Gilbert, Mikhail Polner, Joanne Lau, Jonathon Bink, Kate Mills, Ben Kosmina, Russell Black, Leanne C. Taylor-Giles, Dylan Downing, Anthony Vertigan, Leah De Kort, Edmundo Ruiz, James Poag, Will Freeman, Craig Peebles, George White, Susie Ochs, Alex Warner

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16873)