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Ulvespill (Jan 23, 2019)
When I first heard of Jon Shafer’s At the Gates I figured it could be fun, seeing as I love the Civilization series and this game is made by Jon Shafer, one of the designers from Civilization 5. Because of that, I figured I’d take on the task of this review, mostly without regret.
Meristation (Feb 08, 2019)
At the Gates sabe innovar en la gestión de los personajes y las tribus pero aún queda camino por recorrer. En el caso de que no existan ampliaciones, parches o expansiones el título de Shafer resultará en uno más del género que logra añadir aspectos originales y novedosos a un género muy conservador pero no completa un producto redondo. A todos aquellos que disfruten de Civilization disfrutarán de At the Gates, a todos aquellos que disfruten de los videojuegos de Paradox Interactive, Stardock, AGEOD o Slytherin éste les resultará fácil de dominar e incluso excesivamente sencillo. Sin embargo su estética, su planteamiento original y su sencillez para acceder pero dificultad para dominar puede convertirlo en un título a tener en cuenta para todos los aficionados a la estrategia.
Darkstation (Feb 06, 2019)
Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is not a mass-market game. It decries the populist and dumbed down direction in which the Civilization franchise has moved, replacing it with a strategy title for the patient player that tolerates a measured pace, likes the challenge of long-range planning, can overlook some bugs, and finds satisfaction in a cerebral, hard-fought victory. For the average strategy fan, At the Gates may frustrate but the rewards of pushing through to comprehension are significant.
Way Too Many Games (Jan 23, 2019)
For a game with this kind of development, seeing it being released is quite unexpected, and in many cases it would have been better to stay in development limbo forever. For it to be in a fully playable form, and to actually be fun is a near miracle. There are huge flaws for sure, and it still needs several levels of bug fixing and polish, but thanks to its rock-solid core gameplay, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates can still become a game worth waiting seven years for.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan 30, 2019)
Was hat sich Jon Shafer dabei nur gedacht? At the Gates hat großartige Spielmechaniken, die richtig Spaß machen. Aber das Entscheidende für ein 4X-Spiel fehlt: Eine lebendige Spielwelt mit KI-Konkurrenten, die einem das Leben schwer machen und mit denen man diplomatisch in den Austausch treten kann. Dabei wäre es doch keine Schande gewesen, At the Gates mit dem jetzigen Stand der Entwicklung als Early-Access-Titel zu veröffentlichen und nach und nach die fehlenden Elemente zu liefern. Dass nun zahlreiche Käufer enttäuscht sind und es negative Nutzerbewertungen hagelt, kann nicht verwundern. Selbst, wenn es in den nächsten Monaten gelingen sollte, das Spiel noch rund zu machen, dürfte der gute Ruf vorerst dahin sein. Ich drücke dennoch die Daumen, dass es klappt, denn schon lange hatte ich nicht mehr dieses »Nur noch eine Runde«-Gefühl, wie ich es in den ersten Spielstunden von At the Gates erlebt habe.
IGN (Jan 23, 2019)
At the Gates tries to evolve the 4X formula but forgets to carry forward the fundamentals that have already been perfected by its predecessors. Shafer admitted one of his biggest struggles in development was only feeling motivated to work on the fun parts, and it really shows. So rather than standing on the shoulders of giants, it only manages to put forth a handful of new, good ideas stuck in a muddy mess of missing, broken, or underdeveloped systems, lack of direction, and depressingly passive AI. It plays more like an alpha or an early access game than a finished product. Given time, it could be something truly special. But in its current state, it’s a good way off from conquering Rome.