Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash screen
Main menu
Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson
Dredd's first assignment: arrest the demonstrators.
The effects of the 2008 credit crisis could still be felt in the 22nd century
The Dark Judges are released from captivity.
Argh, they┬┤re everywhere!!
Judge Dredd, ready to kill.. or arrest.. you choose..
Chapter 4 intro text.
Dredd runs into some trouble at Dr. Icarus' lab.
Eat that!
Entrance to Icarus
Judge Pink, he is just like a pill
Nice view
Quelling a prison riot. Get arrested in Dredd's world, and an Iso-Cube awaits.
Dredd on the Lawmaster. Can't ride it in game though.
Responding to a disturbance near the docks.
The bright skyscrapers of Mega City One.
Arresting someone brings up an amusing list of charges.
Multiplayer models unlock as rewards for good performance.
Zombies in the mega-mall!
This area's falling apart, but justice must still be served.
A.I. Judges try to fight back some vampires.
Use your gas grenades to force tough perps into submission.
The zombies have spread to the hospital.
Hip outfit, gramps.
Incendiary rounds work quite well on vampires.
Scenic Mega City One.
Kill a Dark Judge early and they will escape to find a new host.
Using the smokatorium sprinklers to herd Judge Fire.
Exploring the underground New York ruins.
Taking the fight to Judge Death's dimension.