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Juggernaut Corps: First Assault Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A little advertising
The J-Corps logo
Menu screen
Options screen, configure keys and joystick here
Mission 1 briefing
Loading screen
Pretty crowded here, ennemy ships, asteroids, wormhole ....
Let's start !
Why not "hide" behind this asteroid ?
enough, I blasted this asteroid in smaller parts
Look in the lower right corner : I'm just in front a blue planet, attacking a much bigger ennemy ship !
I made it through
wormhole is unstable
At last, a power-up to increase my shields
Need a list of all power-ups ?
End of Mission 1, my stats are no good at all, but anyway, I'll improve next time
Mission 2, looks like an asteroids field ...
Say goodbye to the Corps
many enemies, boss is protected by mine field.
destroying giant cosmic box
fire to the automatic cosmic turrent
battle end in the meteor field.