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    Juggernaut For Quake II

    Featuring the greatest story-based levels ever created

    All new single player & deathmatch levels

    Juggernaut propels you through the ultimate conversion of Quake II, with all new levels, monsters and weapons plus over 650 all-new exclusive textures.

    • Continue the challenge of Quake II with a whole new story and levels.
    • 13 new single-player & death match levels including ice caves, steamy ungles & the Juggernaut complex.
    • 5 new monsters, all with their unique strengths & weaknesses.
    • 2 all-new deadly weapons, the EMP & Blade guns.
    • Over 650 all-new, original 3-D modeled textures for high clarity and realistic movement.
    • All original maps and new sounds bring the distinct Juggernaut environments to life!

    Contributed by NGC 5194 (17617) on Sep 07, 2003.